Local Induction

In addition to a centralised Induction, it is important that Units (College, School, Research Institute, Support Service) play a role in the induction of new staff members into their area.  A  local induction should be conducted for new appointees so that they can familiarise themselves with their role and responsibilities, their colleagues and the practical details of starting a new job. 

The primary role of the Induction Coordinator is to be a point of contact for the new appointee and to make the transition to starting a new job in NUI Galway as smooth as possible. 

There are obvious benefits of an Induction to a new member of staff; a new appointee:

  • feels welcome and part of the organisation
  • gains information about the University's structures, strategy, facilities and services
  • has an opportunity to discuss and set with his/her Head of Unit their developmental goals 

For the University, the main benefits of an Induction are:

  • the new appointee has a greater understanding of the culture and values of the University
  • an opportunity to align individual developmental goals to those of the Unit and thus University as a whole

Induction Guidelines

Below are Induction Guidelines developed for the Head of the Unit and the Induction Coordinator to assist in the induction of a new staff member into their Unit.  These are only guidelines and can be customised to each Unit's own needs.

Heads of Unit Induction Guidelines

Local Induction Head of Unit Guidelines

 Local Induction Head of Unit Guidelines (as gaeilge)

Induction Coordinator Guidelines

 Local Induction Coordinator

Local Induction Coordinator Guidelines (as gaeilge)