Job Bridge Scheme

‌NUI Galway welcomes and support the government’s National Internship Scheme as part of its Jobs Initiative programme.  The National Internship Scheme, known as JobBridge will provide work experience placements of 6 or 9 months for unemployed individuals in organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. 

The Job Bridge scheme has been extended for AY2013/14, the application deadlines were recently (January 2014) removed  for submission of applications for internship placements in the Education sector. Accordingly, applications can be submitted at any given point in time.  For more on this update, please refer to the Job Bridge scheme website.

NUI Galway has developed guidelines to provide for a fair, consistent and transparent approach to the provision of internships under the scheme in the University.

The HR office must approve all internship positions and the following applications for internships must be completed and forwarded to HR.  Please refer to the relevant NUI Galway Job Bridge documents and forms below.

For further information on the Job Bridge scheme, please refer to the Job Bridge scheme website.

Relevant NUI Galway Job Bridge documents/forms to download: