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Becoming an LGBT+ Ally - 4th Dec 2019
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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
Course rationale:
The LGBT+ Ally Programme at NUI Galway is a member based initiative working towards increasing the knowledge, awareness, and support of LGBT+ colleagues and students.
Course aim:
In partnership with individuals and Schools/Units, the LGBT+ Ally Programme aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for staff and students of all sexual identities and genders at NUI Galway and to advocate for a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion.
Course objectives:
This programme provides the opportunity for staff members to learn more about LGBT+ concerns and issues, to increase their knowledge of terminology and policy, to give them the information they need to provide links to the correct resources on campus, and feel confident in supporting their colleagues and students.
Target group:
All NUI Galway Staff interested in becoming an LGBT+ Ally
Overview of NUI Galway Ally Programme
Introduction to key policies and resources
Presentation from LGBT+ Staff Network
Presentation from Students Union and GiGSoc
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Dec 4, 2019
0 days
Anderson Boardroom, Quadrangle
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