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Unconscious Bias Training Lunch-and-Learn 10th December 2019
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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
Course rationale:
This programme is designed to give staff a general understanding of why it is important that we are aware of own biases and understand the impact of unconscious bias in the daily interaction and decisions that we make.
Course aim:
Unconscious bias training enables participants to recognise their own biases thereby helping them to make more inclusive and objective decisions.
Course objectives:
The Unconscious Bias Lunch and Learn workshops aim to provide and

-Create awareness of unconscious bias
-Understand the impact of unconscious bias in decision making
-Take action to counteract impact of unconscious bias
Target group:
All staff members are invited to attend this 45 min introductory Unconscious Bias Training workshop.
Interactive workshops (45 mins) to include lunch to go.

-What is Unconscious Bias?
-Implicit Association Test (IAT)
-Managing our Bias
-Moving from Unconscious to Conscious
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Dec 10, 2019
0 days
12:30 - 13:15
AMB-G036, Arts Millennium
The registration period has expired.