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Ramp-up (post-maternity) Workshop - 7th Jan 2020
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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
Course rationale:
The Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity is working with the assistance of a Dublin-based organisation called Mumager ( to provide support to new parents returning to work following maternity / adoptive leave.
Course aim:
The transition back into the working environment after maternity/adoptive leave can come with challenges for many women. The Mumager Ramp-Up workshop has been designed based on employer and employee feedback. The workshop is very interactive and draws on practical techniques from positive psychology.
Course objectives:
A one-day interactive and practical workshop aimed at working mothers within 8 months of their return to work from leave.
Target group:
If you are due to return, or have recently returned from maternity/adoptive you are invited to attend this one day "Ramp-up" programme for a small group (6 - 15 approx.) of women to help prepare and support you in adjusting back to the workplace.
The workshop focuses on the transition back into the working environment and on re-defining values, establishing boundaries between work and home, overcoming guilt and building resilience.

Maternity or Adoptive leave within the past 0-8 months
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Jan 7, 2020
1 days
9:30 - 16:30
AS203 River Room, Arts & Science
The registration period has expired.