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Biological Safety Management for PI's - March 31st, 2020 POSTPONED
The registration period has expired.
Laboratory Safety
Course rationale:
Please note the closing date for registrations is March 13th.
Course objectives:
• Carry out a biological agent risk assessment
• Implement safe work skills & best practice in biological agent/material handling in laboratory & other settings
• Understand regulatory & best practice requirements for containment of microorganisms in the laboratory
• Utilise PPE & engineering controls appropriately & understand potential limitations
• Identify biosafety management issues in their own work area
• Dispose of biological waste safely
• Deal with biological spills
Target group:
Principal Investigators
• Occupational health & lab acquired infection statistics
• Biosafety legal requirements
• Biosafety management - Based on CWA 15793 Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard
• Type & hazard classification of microorganisms
• Routes of entry of microorganisms in the laboratory setting
• Containment of microorganisms & GMMs
• Lab Microbiological Practices & Techniques & Special Practices - Hygiene, transport, health surveillance, decontamination (Including use of disinfectants) & training & supervision
• Safety Equipment (Primary barriers & PPE) – Containment devices, use of biosafety cabinet, centrifugation safety, & PPE selection & donning & doffing
• Facility design & construction (Secondary barriers) – Laboratory features, & autoclave use & safety
• Specific hazards associated with biological materials
• Laboratory standard precautions for blood & body fluid
• Laboratory animals
• Cell culture hazards
• Genetically Modified Microorganisms
• Biological waste disposal
• Cultured lab waste
• Human & animal biohazard waste
• Laboratory sharps
• GMM waste
• Biological agents risk assessment
• Risk assessment considerations
• Biological agents MSDS exercise
• Risk assessment practical exercise with client or consultant supplied template
• Biohazard spill response
• Biological incident prevention & planning
• Dealing with infectious liquid spills
• Spills in the biosafety cabinet
Please note the Safety Training Cancellation Policy applies to this course and the minimum notice for this course is ten working days by email to cancel a place. If the required notice is not provided, a fee in the sum of E125 will be payable to the Safety Training Budget.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Mar 31, 2020
0 days
10.00am - 4.30pm
Health & Safety Office
G011, Hardiman Building
The registration period has expired.