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Agresso Reporting for Recurrent Account Budget Holders and Administrators - 23rd April 2020
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Policies and Procedures
Course rationale:
This course is designed to familiarise people with the relevant Agresso reports available to Budget Holders or administrators. It is a hands on demonstration on how to run the reports and how to interpret the figures shown in the reports.
Course aim:
The aim of this course is to enable Budget Holders and administrators run and interpret their recurrent accounts on Agresso.
Target group:
Recurrent Account Budget Holders (D Accounts on Agresso) and anyone who is responsible for reporting on Agresso D Accounts

  • General introduction to budgets, budget movements, structure of Cost Centres/Schools/Colleges

  • How to run reports for Cost Centres which show Budgets, Spend to Date and Amount Available to Spend

  • How to drill into individual amounts to show the transactions

  • How to drill into Budget movements to see what they are for

  • How to run Pay Budget Reports which show detailed Pay Analysis

  • How to check whether an invoice has been paid

  • Any other issues that people are having with Agresso Reports

Agresso Username and Password and access to relevant D Account.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Apr 23, 2020
1 days
10:00 - 11:00
Organisation & Staff Development Office
Management Accounts Office
PC Suite NL002B, Nursing & Midwifery Library, Basement, James Hardiman Library - Please bring your Staff ID to swipe into the Library at the Turnstiles
The registration period has expired.