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Stage 1: Procurement Foundation Workshop: How to Buy - 21st May 2020
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Policies and Procedures
Course rationale:
The How to Buy workshop is the Foundation Course in the Procurement Training Calendar and is essential and now mandatory for all staff members who have any involvement in the buying of goods / services / works.
This course explains the basic principles of procurement, your duties and obligations when spending University funds, the role of the Procurement and Contracts Office, step by step guide to using the Procurement Policy, Overview of the Quotations/Tendering/Sole Source Processes and when to apply them, how to setup new suppliers, and much more.
ALL STAFF are required to attend this course every 3 years.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
May 21, 2020
0 days
9:00 -13:00
Contracts Officer, Procurement & Contracts Office, NUI Galway
Building 032 Arts Science - Concourse South Room AC202 - Lecture Room Register
The registration period has expired.