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Disability Awareness Training - 14th December 2020

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
Course rationale:
NUI Galway is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming working environment for all of our staff members. The University seeks to create a workplace which provides the necessary support for our diverse range of employees to reach their full potential.

Course aim:
Disability awareness training has been designed to support the roll out of the staff guide to Disability in the Workplace. The training is for all staff and in particular, any staff member who has a responsibility for another staff member i.e. line managers and PIs.

Course objectives:
This 3 hour training is intended to support line managers to understand and fulfil their responsibility towards staff members with a disability i.e.
• Promote a climate of trust and encourage staff members with disabilities to disclose their disability
• Raise awareness and understanding of disability amongst their staff and be cognisant that many disabilities are invisible
• Ensure all staff members are aware of the available supports, reasonable accommodations and the processes involved
• Promote positive attitudes towards staff member with a disability
• Act as the primary contact for staff members – including taking a lead on ensuring reasonable accommodations are put in place once agreed
• Make it clear that staff with a disability cannot be discriminated against by fellow staff members as a result of their disclosure and that the University will treat any complaints regarding discrimination in a serious manner
• Lead by example

It is also intended to support staff members with a disability understand their rights and responsibilities. Staff members with a disability have a right to:
• Keep information about their disability private
• Have information about their disability treated with due respect and confidentiality
• Choose to disclose a disability at any time during their employment
• Receive appropriate reasonable accommodations
• Be considered for promotion based on skills and merit
• Have respectful questioning regarding their disability for the purpose of accommodations

Equally, a staff member with a disability has a responsibility to:

• Disclose a need for accommodations if any work related adjustments are required
• If going for promotion to inform the interview panel of any interview accommodations required in a timely manner
• If attending training/development courses inform the Course Trainer of any training or accommodations required in a timely manner
Target group:
The training is for all staff and in particular, any staff member who has a responsibility for another staff member i.e. line managers and PIs.
• Provide information on the models of disability with particular emphasis on the social model in the context of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)
• Participants will be encouraged to explore their own attitudes towards disability and accessibility
• Identifying barriers students and staff with disabilities face and how to remove these barriers
• An overview of the relevant legislation (Disability Act and Employment Equality legislation) and how it relates to the employment of people with disabilities in NUI Galway
• Why it is important that NUI Galway promotes an inclusive environment for staff and students beyond mere compliance with legislation
• An introduction to, and overview of the NUI Galway Staff Guide to Disability in the Workplace (including disclosing a disability and requesting a reasonable accommodation)
• The role & responsibility of NUI Galway line managers and PIs in respect of supporting and accommodating a staff member with a disability
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Dec 14, 2020
0 days
10:00 - 13:00
Aoife Cooke