Mission Statement

St. Angela’s College, Sligo was originally founded by the Ursuline Congregation in 1952. The College is located in Co. Sligo, Ireland.

We provide undergraduate and postgraduate/part-time programmes for a range of professional roles in education and health care. We also provide specialised undergraduate programmes in the areas of the humanities and the social sciences. We seek to serve the needs of the regional, national and international community through education, applied research and consultancy.

Our educational philosophy is to develop the full potential of our students by responding to their personal, academic and professional needs. This philosophy aims to empower students as reflective learners. We are committed to excellence in education, to innovative practice and to the concept of lifelong learning.

We promote a just, participative, inclusive and non-discriminatory community environment for staff and students. We uphold the values of social justice, equality, respect for diversity and care for the natural environment.

Vision Statement

St Angela’s College, Sligo is renowned for providing a high quality learning experience, critical reflective practice and research to support the holistic development of professionals who will make an impact at an individual, group, family, organisation and societal level.

Our vision is to be recognised as a key provider of University-level education in the North West and West of Ireland, building a national and international reputation by advancing all aspects of the College community.

We seek to build on existing strengths to develop programmes, initiatives and life-long learning experiences. Guided by core values and mission, St Angela’s College, Sligo aims to develop:

  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Community outreach
  • The supportive learning environment
  • Professional collegiality
  • Innovative research in core disciplines
  • The critical role of ethics and values in professional and related fields.