As College President, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the St. Angela’s College website. I invite you to explore, through this website, the academic programme provision on offer at St. Angela’s College; connect with staff for potential research collaboration; and read about some of the research and community outreach projects that staff, and students are engaged with.

Hopefully, the website will motivate you to visit the campus in Sligo, where you will receive a warm welcome, be provided with an opportunity to meet with staff and explore our specialist facilities across the discipline areas of Home Economics; Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies; and Education.

St. Angela’s College is committed to excellence and ensuring you receive a high-quality educational experience in a supportive setting. Our dedicated staff work hard to ensure that your academic experience is fulfilling, professionally rewarding and relevant to your future career. Graduates of the College are recognised in the world of work as being highly qualified, competent and professional employees.

I am very honoured to serve as the President of St. Angela’s College and I am committed to ensuring all members of our College Community have a fruitful and enjoyable experience during their time with us.