In the School of Education, we have a longstanding history of forming the next generation of educators. Across our wide range of programmes, we are privileged to work with students who are committed to the holistic development of their learners. Our graduates bear testament to the high standard of professionalism aspired to by the School and we are very proud to note that they are employed in a wide variety of settings and locations.

The School of Education offers courses at pre-undergraduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. At undergraduate level, the School has responsibility for Education programmes, including the Education components of the Initial Teacher Education programmes; the Bachelor of Arts/Professional Master of Education (BA/PME) Home Economics and the B.Ed. (Home Economics and Biology/Irish/Religious Education) programmes for post-primary teachers. The School also comprises the Irish and Religious Education academic disciplines, which in addition to the second subjects on the BA/PME Home Economics and B.Ed. programmes, provide a range of other programmes.

The School of Education also has a proud tradition in postgraduate/ Masters level studies. For education professionals seeking to develop their current pedagogical skills and knowledge or progress their career, the School currently offers a variety of postgraduate/ Masters programmes, including a wide range of stand-alone education focussed modules as well as the Masters of Arts programme – MA (Contemporary Innovations in Education), using a pathways approach. These academic programmes are designed to offer education professionals flexible options, tailored to their diverse, individual, and professional needs and future career aspirations. Their part-time nature also accommodates for education professionals’ wider schedules.

Also under the remit of the School of Education, the Centre for Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity (CSENID) at St. Angela’s College provides a range of innovative, market responsive pre-undergraduate, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as well as shorter professional development courses and standalone on-line blended learning modules in the area of special education and inclusion. Nationally, CSENID is the sole provider of the online Certificate in Special Educational Needs for Special Needs Assistants accredited at Level 7, and the sole provider of the Level 9 Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Special Educational Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in partnership with the National Council for Special Education which is part-funded by the Department of Education (DoE).

Importantly, at pre-undergraduate level, the School provides an Access Programme in partnership with NUI Galway. We are delighted to contribute to the provision of this essential programme. The Access Programme provides educational opportunities for students who have a desire to study at third level but whose circumstances may have thus far prevented them from achieving their educational goals. Our Access team work closely with students to ensure that they are adequately supported throughout their time studying with us.

I warmly invite you to further explore the range of programmes that the School of Education at St. Angela’s College has to offer.

Dr Fiona Crowe
Head of School (Education)