Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Audio Visual (AV) services primary role is to provide the college community with appropriate quality ICT and AV services to facilitate the learning, administrative and research activities.

Services Include:

  • Maintain information communications technologies and facilities across the College
  • Develop, research and maintain management Information systems
  • Administer, maintain and develop networks, server technologies
  • Provide desktop hardware and software support to both staff and students
  • Provide an effective, secure and confidential computing service to the academic departments
  • The development and provision of services to enable communication for the College community (email, post, telephone, internet, network, video conferencing)
  • The development and provision of Printing and Audio-Visual Services
  • Support and training in the use of these services by the College community.

The Student Links and Staff Links pages should be used to access ICT/AV services. Here you will also find helpful information and FAQ's as well as the College's ICT Policy