St. Angela's College together with the Students' Union are providing a range of events for next six weeks which will include college orientation, programme induction, helpful academic support as well as enjoyable social events.

Check back here for weekly updates! 

Week 2: Freshers Week 2021/ Getting to know you matters

  • Activity Online - Meet your Mentor
    Getting to know you mentor group activities with your Mentors, times individual to each group. 
  • First Year Class Connect Workshops Online
    Wellbeing Check in with Student Engagement Officer, meet your classmates informally and get to know each other. Join the class Whatsapp Group and have your questions answered and win Prizes too! Zoom link sent out to each class group ahead of time  ( Email Sallyanne if you have no access to emails yet for link) 

Monday 27th September 

  • 1pm - BAHE 1 (Full Group) 

Tuesday 28th September 

  • 10am - BA PME 1 Biology (Groups 1,2,3) 
  • 11am - BAPME 1 Religious Education (Groups 1,2,3) 

Wednesday 29th September 

  • 12pm - BAPME 1 Irish Groups (1,2,3) 
  • 1pm - BAPME 1 Religious Education (Groups 4,5,6) 
  • 3pm - BASc 1 Nutrituion, Food and BusinessManagement (Full Group) 

Thursday 30th September 

  • 3pm - BAPME (Irish Groups 3,4) 

Friday 1st October

  • 10am - BNSc 1 General (Full Group)
  • 12 pm - BNSc ID Nursing (Full Group) 

'Ask Us Anything' Instagram Live Q&A 

Wednesday 29th September at 12pm with SU President, Micheal Drummond and Welfare Officer, Sinead Conway 

SU Freshers Week Event Schedule 

Monday 27th September, 6pm-11pm - Free 'Meet the Freshers' BBQ for First and Second Years at The Brewery Pub Sligo. Meet your student officers and make new friends!
All Student Bingo Event - Tickets Necessary​ via Eventbrite from 7pm hosted by Comedian Steve Bennett.