International Women's Day 2022

Mar 08 2022 Posted: 07:30 GMT

Angela Merici founded the Ursuline Order in 1535 in an effort to provide education for women in their own homes and communities, a pioneering effort of the time when women were not offered any access to education outside of the convent life. These humble beginnings evolved across Europe, travelling from Italy to Ireland and eventually to the shores of Lough Gill in the early 1950’s when the Department of Education authorised the first ever programme to be taught at the location we now know as St. Angela’s College.

St. Angela’s has since developed a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time programmes across the Academic Schools of Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies; Home Economics; and Education. The College also established the Centre for Special Education, Inclusion and Diversity, the Merici Institute (research for Religious Studies) and more recently, the National Centre of Excellence for Home Economics - all led by influential female academics and experts in the fields.

Of the twenty higher education institutions in Ireland, St Angela’s College is one of only a few that has a female President leading the organisation as College President, Dr Amanda McCloat notes “St. Angela’s College has a history of remarkable women in leadership and management roles, and this is something we are extremely proud of. Of the six Presidents of the College, five were females”. “Women are still breaking through barriers in academia and paving the way to empower future generations to advocate equality in today’s Ireland and beyond”.

The College is currently in the process of incorporating with IT Sligo and will subsequently
become one of nine campuses of the new Atlantic Technological University, to be designated in April 2022.

St. Angela’s College wholeheartedly acknowledge International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias, remembering with gratitude those who fought passionately for equal rights and also recognising those women who continue to struggle in many parts of the world.

“I was elected by the women of Ireland, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system.”
- Mary Robinson