St. Angela’s College join History Ireland Hedge Schools Podcast

Mar 10 2021 Posted: 13:38 GMT

Dr John O’Callaghan, School of Education, recently participated in a round-table discussion hosted by History Ireland with fellow historians and well-known personalities.

On the night of 6/7 March 1921 the Mayor of Limerick, George Clancy, and his immediate predecessor, Michael O’Callaghan, were brutally shot dead in their homes. Dubbed the ‘Curfew Murders’ because Limerick was under military curfew, they shocked the country and made headlines around the world. The British authorities blamed the IRA but we now know that the killings were committed by Crown forces.

Image Courtesy Limerick Museum: the funeral of George Clancy and Michael O’Callaghan, March 1921

Interested to learn more? Listen the podcast HERE

Through his research and publications, one of John's keen areas of interest is the Irish Revolution of the early twentieth century, and its impact on individuals and communities. John is also Programme Director for the Diploma in Arts (Folklore and Heritage of the North West) offered at St. Angela's College again in September 2021.