St. Angela’s Nursing Interns complete their studies during COVID-19

Sep 13 2021 Posted: 10:48 IST

Final year BNSc Nursing Interns throughout the country had an experience like no other in 2020 and again in 2021, and those studying General Nursing and Intellectual Disability Nursing at St. Angela’s College, Sligo were no different. As part of their fourth and final year, they embarked on their 36-week internship in various clinical and healthcare settings which would mark the completion of their degree. Of course, no one predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic would see these interns join other healthcare professionals as vital front-line workers as the fight against the virus continues 18-months on.

“While being aware of the risks that interns faced this year, our BNSc students were dedicated to not only continue on their academic course but they also joined a workforce that performed above and beyond in a time of such uncertainty” explains Dr Edel McSharry, College President (Acting).

“We’re extremely proud of all our BNSc graduates over the years and know that they too are contributing hugely to the profession, a profession they chose out of compassion and a desire to help others, this is what it truly means to be a practising nurse”.

During their final year the Nursing Interns were official employees of the HSE in addition to being third level students so they had a dual role with employee responsibilities while learning in practice and being supported by their educators.

The BNSc General and BNSc Intellectual Disability students have just recently completed both practical and theoretical elements of their course and are currently applying for registration as a nurse with the Nursing Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). They will also be conferred and become graduates of the National University of Ireland. First year BNSc students at the College are pre-registered with the NMBI as a candidate Nurse with full registration on successful of the four-year course.

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