Online Consent Hub

Active* Consent  launched The Consent Hub website, in partnership with the Department of Justice and the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. This learning hub is the first national and publicly available online resource for sexual consent education and awareness in Ireland.
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The hub includes answers to frequently asked questions and clear explanations of consent, sexual violence and harassment; an eLearning module for students; information on where to get help if a negative sexual experiences occurs; information on trainings; and more. 

Active* Consent Workshops

All incoming first year students are offered an opportunity to participate in an Active* Consent Workshop during Orientation.

The Active* Consent workshop was developed in NUIG by the Active Consent team.  It provides a safe space to explore the nuances of sexual consent and how best to negotiate active sexual consent. 

The workshop is based on extensive research by the NUIG Consent team into young people’s sexual behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. The aim is to not merely give young people the tools to recognise and communicate consent, but to also promote a positive and confident approach to their sexual health. The Active* Consent workshop gives young people engaging and up-to-date information and skills that are practical and relevant for their own relationships.

See further information about Active*Consent HERE

Active* Consent eLearning Module
Sexual Violence and Harassment: "How to Support Yourself and Your Peers"

The Active* Consent eLearning module, Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers, was also developed by the NUI Galway Active* Consent team. It builds on topics explored in the Active* Consent online workshop to introduce a more nuanced understanding of sexual violence, harassment and support services available to students who have had negative sexual experiences. 

Content Warning:
This module explores themes of sexual violence and harassment.  You can choose not to participate in this module.  If any participants are affected by the contents of this module, please reach out to the support services listed at the end of this webpage.

This Active* Consent eLearning module only takes 40 minutes to cover and can be accessed directly HERE
You can also access the module on 

The creation of this module is directly informed by Active* Consent and USI’s 2020 Sexual Experiences Survey (SES), which shed light on areas where students reported gaps in understanding that needed to be addressed. Key gaps included understanding of the definition of rape and sexual assault and different forms of harassment as well as how to access support services. 

Ultimately, this module moves users from understanding and applying Active* Consent to becoming an Active* Bystander. It provides viewers with introductory skills in supporting friends who disclose negative experiences and how to safely call out and intervene in developing negative situations in their peer group and community. 

Bystander Intervention

The Bystander Intervention team at UCC has developed a new 15 minute “quick guide” to being an effective bystander.
Access the Effective Bystander video here Bystander Intervention: A Quick Guide (

Start Here

Active* Consent and USI’s 2020 national Sexual Experiences Survey revealed that 79% of college students who disclose sexual misconduct (rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment) told a close friend.  

Where would you start if a friend disclosed to you?  What about a student, or a colleague?
What would you say?  Where might you tell them to go? 

Start Here- click HERE for information about what to say or do if someone disclosed to you.

What Do You Want To Do Next?:

For St. Angela’s students, you might refer someone who has disclosed to you to:

  • St. Angela’s College Doctor Service
    Doctor service:  071 9142767   
    Out of Hours Medical Support: Care Doc 0818 365 399
  • St. Angela’s College Student Counselling Service: 
    Email or text 087 6609209 for an appointment
  • Your Student Union Welfare Officer:  Email
  • Student Services Officer Una Roberts.  Email or call 071 9195514
  • Sligo Garda Station: Pearse Road Sligo. Phone: 071 9157000

If they want to report the incident to Gardaí, they can find out more information about reporting sexual crimes here.

  • Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU)
    If the person you are speaking with wants to seek immediate medical assistance, they can learn about visiting a Sexual Assault Treatment Unit here and access information about the closest unit to your location. SATUs are a free service and can provide survivors with a health check and forensic exam. 
  • Rape Crisis Centre
    Individuals might also choose to seek counselling at a rape crisis centre. Bear in mind that as someone who received a disclosure, you can also access these services to process your own experience.   
  • Contact Sligo Rape Crisis Centre on 1800 750780 or 
  • National Rape Crisis Line on 1800 77 88 88
  • Samaritans 116 123.
  • National Directory of Regional Rape Crisis Centres Click HERE for more
  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s 24-hour helpline 1800 77 8888. 

To learn more about work in the rape crisis sector nationally, visit the Rape Crisis Network Ireland website for up to date research and information.

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To hear more about the story of "Start Here," listen to this episode of the Glow West podcast with Dr. Caroline West.

College Policies

College documents below can be accessed through 
(click on College Forms and Policies)

  • Consensual Relationship Policy
  • Student Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Student Complaint Form for Bullying and Sexual Harassment
  • St. Angela's College Action Plan Towards Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment in Higher Education

St. Angela’s College Consent Framework Implementation Committee Membership:

  • Registrar
  • HR Manager
  • Student Union President
  • Student Services Officer
  • Staff member
  • Outside Agency – Sligo Rape Crisis Centre


The Committee meets twice per academic semester.