Students Helping Other Students

Welcome to the Student Connect Mentoring Website
The mission of student connect is to provide a friendly and caring introduction to NUI Galway for first-year students through the facilitation of student-to-student help and encouragement. Student Connect is a simple programme aimed at speeding up the rate at which first year students make friends.

What is Student Connect?
Student Connect is the University's mentoring programme for 1st year students. It is a student-led programme whereby Mentor Leaders (experienced mentors) advised and train mentors who in turn mentor the University's new first year students.  Mentor Leaders and mentors are volunteers and are happy to spend time with new students to help them settle into the University. 

How Does Student Connect Work?
You and a group of other first year students will be introduced to your mentor at Orientation. The aim of the programme is two-fold, ie. students have an experienced student to contact if they encounter any difficulties and they also meet a new group of friends.

Is My Mentor Trained?
Every Student Connect Mentor is formally trained. You can expect your mentor to be informed, sensitive, confidential and respectful.

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