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Money guidance and management

Going to college is an exciting time whether you are staying at home or moving away but it can be tough financially if you don’t have a regular income and you are on a tight budget.  With so many new costs and financial products to consider it can be hard to manage your cash. 

How much are Fees?

One of the main costs students think about when coming to University.  For incomation on Fees you can visit our Fees Website at:

What are the additional costs such as the cost of living?

The cost of living can come as a surprise but should be factored in and budgeted for prior to coming to Unviersity.   To help you we have provided a cost of living chart available at: to help you and inform you prior to arrival. 

To help ease your concerns about money management check out to find out about the costs associated with going to University. 

Managing your money

To help you manage your money draw up your personal budget at:

Help provided by us for you in relation to your personal budget

Staff in the Budgeting/Financial Advice area of the Accommodation & Welfare Office, 1st Floor, Aras Ui Chathail can advise you on budgeting by helping you complete the form at:, managing your money .  To make an appointment to meet with either Dave Barry or Una McDermott by phoning 091 495282 or email

Students Experiencing Financial Difficulties

ll you are experiencing financial difficulty you may be eligible to apply to the Financial Aid Fund.  The Student Assistance Fund has a dual focus and is designed to support students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds with ongoing needs for financial support AND to provide emergency financial assistance for other students who experience unexpected life events.   If you are considering applying to the Financial Aid Fund you should read the FAQs here to find information on who is eligible to apply, how to apply and important information about the application process.   Application to the financial aid fund is open to registered students on courses of not less than one year in duration.  Funding is not available for students to assist with the costs of tuition fees, registration fees, the student levy (€224) or student loans.

Additional Resources available to students

Students should check out which is very useful if you think you may be eligible for a grant, Back to Education Allowance or another other source of funding.    The  SUSI Website  has a very useful "ready reckoner" which will provide you with information on whether you may be eligible for the grant and, if so, what grant you may receive.    It also provides information on how to apply etc.