Financial Aid Fund


The Student Assistance Fund is intended to tackle disadvantage by providing financial support to students who require financial support to enable them to fully benefit from their third level studies.  The Financial Aid Fund comprises the Student Assistance Fund and an additional contribution from the University.  The Student Assistance Fund is funded by the Department of Education and Science under the National Development Plan with assistance from the European Social Fund. 

Support from the Financial Aid Fund takes into account a students financial situation and other personal circumstances.  A standardised assessment system is used to determine the level of need and aid.  The ability to support a student depends on the size of the fund available, the number of applications and the circumstances of the applicants in any given year.

What happens if I have to repeat an exam but can't afford to pay the repeat exam fee?

You may still sit the Repeat Exams. However, you will not be allowed to register for the following academic year if the Repeat Exam Fee is not paid by 31st August 2018.  Please note that your exam results will not be available if there are any outstanding Fees.

There is limited support available to those students who have already applied to the Financial Aid Fund, and who have been assessed to be the most in need of financial support. If you have previously received funding from the Financial Aid Fund, and it has been confirmed that you must repeat your exam/assessment/assignment/coursework, you can apply for a Fee Waiver  at:

Application for a Fee Waiver must be submitted during the period from 15/06/18 to 17/08/18 which is the final date of the repeat examinations. The Fee Waiver will only apply to a subset of those students who have been judged to be most in need.  Such students will be advised of the outcome of their application on or before 30/08/18.

Should your situation have deteriorated during the academic year, and you have not made an application previously to the Financial Aid Fund, you may make an application during the Repeat Exam period by visiting the Accommodation and Welfare Office, where you will be assessed for support. Please be aware that your application for a Fee Waiver may not be successful. 

If your application for a Repeat Fee Waiver is successful the fee will be transferred to the Fees Office and you will not be required to take any further action.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

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All students considering applying to the Financial Aid Fund should read the FAQs here to find information on who is eligible to apply, how to apply and important information about the application process.   Application to the financial aid fund is open to registered students on courses of not less than one year in duration.  Funding is not available for students to assist with the costs of tuition fees, registration fees, the student levy (€224) or student loans.


Students wishing to apply for the removal of a late fee penalty should apply here.

SAF Form 1 here: SAF Form 1 (May)


Data Protection 

Personal data collected as part of the application process may be processed for the purposes of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the operation of the Fund and to comply with European Union requirements, this personal data may include personally sensitive data where they choose to share that data, and their data may be shared with third parties for the purpose of monitoring and reporting on European Social Fund co-financed activities.

What is the Financial Aid Fund?

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The Student Assistance Fund is funded by the Irish Government and part-funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2014-2020 . Investing in Your Future.