Biotechnology ProjectsLead InvestigatorLink to project description
Biomaterial Mediated Non-viral Gene and Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Myocardial IschemiaAbhay PanditDownload PDF
Modulation of Inflammation and Functional Angiogenesis in Chronic Wound HealingAbhay PanditDownload PDF
A collagen scaffold for programmed eNOS delivery to a compromised woundAbhay PanditDownload PDF
Biofunctional Micro-structured Collagen Fibres for Peripheral Nerve RepairAbhay PanditDownload PDF
Automated minerals Fingerprinting of complex biopharmaceutical raw materials.Alan RyderDownload PDF
The application of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Spectroscopy methods for the analysis of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.Alan RyderDownload PDF
Novel Carbohydrates and PerformanceAmir ShafatDownload PDF
Epigenetic engineering of microalgae for biofuel and biorefinery applicationsCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
Molecular genomics of hybrid vigour (heterosis) in plantsCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
Biofuel yeasts: Metabolic engineering of industrial yeast bioconversions for plant-derived bioenergy and biorefinery applicationsCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
Optimisation of the manufacturing process for the production of biostimulants to be used in the control of abiotic stress in plantsCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
The role of marine oligosaccharides in increasing efficacy and reducing stress in the use of agrochemicals in crop protection.Charles SpillaneDownload PDF
The role of Ascophyllum nodosum extracts (ANE) on the uniformity of fruit size development and evenness of ripening.Charles SpillaneDownload PDF
The role of different Ascophyllum nodosum extracts (ANE) in regulation of phytohormone biosynthesis in Arabidopsis.Charles SpillaneDownload PDF
The role of Ascophyllum nodosum extracts on the fecundity of potato cyst nematode and or root knot nematodeCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
The use of oligosaccharides extracted from the brown alga Ascophyllum nodosum as elicitors of mechanisms for nitrogen absorption and protein synthesis in plantsCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
To investigate the effect of Ascophyllum nodosum extract (ANE) on flowering of citrus/avocado/coffee and the expression of putative orthologues of genes involved in flowering pathways to provide an insight into the molecular mechanisms underlying alternate bearing in one of the following crops: citrus/avocado/coffee.Charles SpillaneDownload PDF
The role of novel ingredients in increasing efficacy and reducing pod shatter in seed crops of agronomic importanceCharles SpillaneDownload PDF
Interaction analysis of centrosome proteinsCiaran MorrisonDownload PDF
Interplay between centrosomes, cilia and the DNA damage responseCiaran MorrisonDownload PDF
Development of recombinant toolkit for electron microscopy of centrosomes by gene targetingCiaran MorrisonDownload PDF
Mapping, Characterisation and profiling of the non human Gal-α-(1,3)-Gal glycan epitope from in vitro cell models, tissue samples and recombinant biotherapeutic preparations.Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
The generation of panels of novel lectins for the discrimination of disease associated glycan eptiopes.Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Development of rapid screening assays of Cancer-Associated Glycan Biomarkers.Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Probiotic adhesinsLokesh Joshi Download PDF
Commensal exopolysaccharides Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Glycan profiling by multiplex microarrayLokesh Joshi Download PDF
Isolation and characterisation of glycosyl-transferases from diverse species Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Glycosylation and communication between gut cells and bacteria during H.pylori colonisationLokesh Joshi Download PDF
Development of Molecules for Recognition of Cancer-Associated Glycan Markers.Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Screening and validation of angiogenic factors.Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Comparison of lectin mimics and known lectins for lectin affinity chromatography.Lokesh Joshi Download PDF
Bioactive carbohydrates from natural sourcesLokesh Joshi Download PDF
Intratumoral heterogeneity and glycophenotyping for the development of therapeutic and diagnostic glycan-specific aptamersLokesh Joshi Download PDF
DNA damage responses in human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCsMichael CartyDownload PDF
The role of long-wavelength ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation in melanoma development.Michael CartyDownload PDF
A novel role for DNA damage-induced RPA modification in mitosis and cytokinesisMichael CartyDownload PDF
The role of RNA binding protein in the cellular responses to DNA damage:Noel Franics LowndesDownload PDF
The role of chromatin remodelling in the cellular responses to DNA damage:Noel Franics LowndesDownload PDF
Identification of novel targets of the E3 ubiquitin ligase Msl2Stephne ReaDownload PDF
Genetic analysis of cilia in pluripotent stem cell function in a model organismUri FrankDownload PDF
DNA damage response in an irradiation-resistant animalUri FrankDownload PDF
Use of algae to remove nitrogen and recover high-value products from digested animal manureXinmin ZhanDownload PDF