Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) / Computing ProjectsLead InvestigatorDescription
Analysis and predication of growth in dynamic graphs on social mediaColm O' RiordanDownload PDF
Personalised user interaction in social media systems Colm O' RiordanDownload PDF
Design of suitable weighting schemes for graph based representations in Information RetrievalColm O' RiordanDownload PDF
Information Retrieval without queriesColm O' RiordanDownload PDF
Complexity and difficulty in strategy gamesColm O' RiordanDownload PDF
Statistical Sampling, Classification and Prioritisation of Network Flow DataDesmond ChambersDownload PDF
Breast Cancer Detection using Advanced Radar TechnologyEdward JonesDownload PDF
Speech Recognition in the Mobile EnvironmentEdward JonesDownload PDF
FPGA Hardware Spiking Neural Network (SNN) Design Automation.Fearghal MorganDownload PDF
Quantifying the impact of VoIP strategies for dealing with best-effort IP networks in wideband/superwideband scenariosHugh MelvinDownload PDF
Fraud detection in Big Data AnalyticsJim DugganDownload PDF
Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-Agent Simulation Jim DugganDownload PDF
Co-evolution in Multi-Agent Environments Jim DugganDownload PDF
Flexible Brokering on the Cloud Jim DugganDownload PDF
Exploring Learning Approaches on the Cloud Jim DugganDownload PDF
Simulation of Application Deployment and Management on the CloudJim DugganDownload PDF
Public Health AnalyticsJim DugganDownload PDF
Web Analytics Platform. Jim DugganDownload PDF
Evolution of Cooperation through signaling and communicationJim DugganDownload PDF
Evolution of Cooperation through group formation and tagsJim DugganDownload PDF
Strategic agent coordination in gaming environmentsJim DugganDownload PDF
Evolution of Cooperation through in P2P File Sharing EnvironmentsJim DugganDownload PDF
Collusion in online trading environments.Jim DugganDownload PDF
Eigenvalue analysis of feedback loops.Jim DugganDownload PDF
The role of network structures on norm transmission.Jim DugganDownload PDF
The role of social structure and norms on agent behaviours.Jim DugganDownload PDF
Social Network analysis of online environments.Jim DugganDownload PDF
Complex network interactions trough P2P file sharing.Jim DugganDownload PDF
Multi-Agent Simulation for building planning.Jim DugganDownload PDF
Advanced AI approaches for Classic Board Games.Jim DugganDownload PDF
Business Intelligence and Big Data analysis for FinanceJim DugganDownload PDF
Movie recommendations that match or change your mood.Josephine GriffithDownload PDF
Using Social Media to Analyse Brand Impact before and during Sports EventsJosephine GriffithDownload PDF
Generating and visualising predictions in social mediaJosephine GriffithDownload PDF
Technology enhanced learning: increasing user satisfactionKaren YoungDownload PDF
Idea selection system for new product development in the medical device industryKathryn CormicanDownload PDF
Mobile EEG and Brain Computer Interface Technology for Focus, Perception and Workload EstimationLiam KilmartinDownload PDF
Mobile handset based Acoustic Sensing for mental Health (MASH)Liam KilmartinDownload PDF
Optical cloaking device using optical cameras and displaysMartin GlavinDownload PDF
Autonomous agricultural robotMartin GlavinDownload PDF
Mining and Visualization of Historical Census DataMichael MaddenDownload PDF
Probabilistic Model-Based Data Stream AnalyticsMichael MaddenDownload PDF
New Methods for Probabilistic Anomaly Detection in Real TimeMichael MaddenDownload PDF
Distributed Data Mining With Low Cost Processors and GeolocationMichael MaddenDownload PDF
Machine Learning for Non-Player Characters in Computer Games Michael MaddenDownload PDF
Non-Player Characters in Computer Games that Pass the Turing Test Michael MaddenDownload PDF
Honeypots and Honeynets for SCADA and ICSMichael SchukatDownload PDF
Honeypots and Honeynets for WSNMichael SchukatDownload PDF
Multi-Agent Cooperation for Robotic Exploration.Michael SchukatDownload PDF
Learning for Robocup Soccer Tournament (EH & MS)Michael SchukatDownload PDF
Distributed Risk AssessmentOwen MolloyDownload PDF
A Framework to Support Distributed Business Process AnalyticsOwen MolloyDownload PDF
Collaborative Care Pathway Modelling and ManagementOwen MolloyDownload PDF
Research Field D - 'Home Cloud' for Consumer DevicesPeter CorcoranDownload PDF
Research Field A - Computational ImagingPeter CorcoranDownload PDF
Research Field B - Medical Imaging (Thermography)Peter CorcoranDownload PDF
Research Field C - Consumer BiometricsPeter CorcoranDownload PDF
Research Field D - Image/Video Classification for Cloud ComputingPeter CorcoranDownload PDF
Examining the use of Evolutionary Algorithms in Evolutionary Game TheorySeamus HillDownload PDF
Detecting Structures in Complex Social Networks using Evolutionary AlgorithmsSeamus HillDownload PDF
The Development of a Computer Supported Systems Engineering Analysis Bundle for Healthcare (SEABH).Wil Van Der PuttenDownload PDF