Marine Science ProjectsLead InvestigatorDescription
Fisheries disturbance in deep waters –use of remote sensing’Anne Marie PowerDownload PDF
Characterising a New Gas Analyser for Eddy Covariance Measurements of Air-Sea Fluxes of Carbon DioxideBrian WardDownload PDF
Screening for Novel Antimicrobials in Deep-Sea Microorganisms: A Culture-Based Approach Under in-situ Conditions of Hydrostatic PressureGerard FlemingDownload PDF
A tsunami risk assessment for BrazilKieran R. HickeyDownload PDF
A storm climatology for coastal Brazil 1800-2012Kieran R. HickeyDownload PDF
A reconstruction of the climate and weather disasters of 19th century BrazilKieran R. HickeyDownload PDF
Cephalopod evolution: can we get tree stability amongst higher taxa?Louise AllcockDownload PDF
Ecology of deep-sea cnidariansLouise AllcockDownload PDF
Conservation and life history analysis of cephalopodsLouise AllcockDownload PDF
Scaling solutions for integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA)Mark JohnsonDownload PDF
Evaluating seaweed resources: canopy structure, production and fate in the intertidalMark JohnsonDownload PDF
Patchiness, prey selection and the strength of pelagic trophic linkages Mark JohnsonDownload PDF
Spatially explicit frameworks for the prediction and management of invasive marine speciesMark JohnsonDownload PDF
Beta diversity as a tool for conservation and ecosystem services assessmentsMark JohnsonDownload PDF
Iodine speciation in natural waters: reactions with Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) to form Dissolved Organic Iodine (DOI) Peter CrootDownload PDF