Nanotechnology / New Materials ProjectsLead InvestigatorDescription
Crystallisation of Organic Materials by Low Temperature Gradient Sublimation in VacuoAndrea ErxlebenDownload PDF
Bioadhesion and biomimetics –taking inspiration from natureAnne Marie PowerDownload PDF
Discrete and extended paramagnetic architectures comprising glucose based building blocksLeigh F JonesDownload PDF
Nanobioredox: Creating nanobiodevices by anchoring redox signalling molecules on surfacesDonal LeechDownload PDF
Biocompatible Polymer Beads using Dispersion Polymerizations in Supercritical Carbon DioxideFawaz AldabbaghDownload PDF
The First Controlled/Living Radical Polymerizations of Superglue®Fawaz AldabbaghDownload PDF
3d-4f Complexes as Molecular Coolant Materials:Leigh F JonesDownload PDF
Metallocalix[6]arenes as Solid and Solution-state Host-Guest MaterialsLeigh F JonesDownload PDF
Protein-Nanoparticle Interactions for Biomedical ApplicationsPeter CrowleyDownload PDF
Stimuli responsive coating for nanoparticles delivery. Yury RochevDownload PDF