Pure / Natural / Physical Sciences ProjectsLead InvestigatorDescription
De Novo Biogenesis of Nucleoli Brian McstayDownload PDF
The Genomics of Human Nucleolar Organiser Regions Brian McstayDownload PDF
Environmental control of bioactive compounds in selected Irish and Brazilian algae for biotechnological applications Dagmar StengelDownload PDF
Physiological studies and assessment of biotechnological potential of marine macroalgae Dagmar StengelDownload PDF
Effects of climate change on selected key macroalgae from Ireland and Brazil Dagmar StengelDownload PDF
Novel analytical methods for Nanotoxicology: using single molecule detection for analysing protein-nanoparticle interactions.Alan RyderDownload PDF
Functionalized locked nucleic acids as potential hepatitis C drugsAndrea ErxlebenDownload PDF
Crystallization of Pharmaceutical Compounds: Particle Size and Morphology Control by Thermally Programmed SublimationAndrea ErxlebenDownload PDF
Uncovering the evolution of chromatin packaging by sequence-structure-function analysisAndrew FlausDownload PDF
Comprehensive screen for chromatin effects of histones in vivoAndrew FlausDownload PDF
Optical and Near-IR Observations of PulsarsAndy ShearerDownload PDF
Systems genetics of transcriptomic quantitative traitsCathal SeoigheDownload PDF
Aerosol Influences on PrecipitationColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Open Ocean Particle ProductionColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Marine and Continental AirColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Ground Based Remote Sensing of Cloud MicrophysicsColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Effects of Different Algae Species on Organic Matter Enrichment of Sea SprayColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Quantifying Trans-boundary Air PollutionColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Air Quality-Cloud-Climate InteractionsColin O'DowdDownload PDF
North Atlantic Regional Air Quality in Marine and Continental AirColin O'DowdDownload PDF
LIDAR – Mass Spectrometry Pollution Source ApportionmentColin O'DowdDownload PDF
The role of Primary Marine Organics on Climate Effects.Colin O'DowdDownload PDF
Evolution of primary organic matter – from source to sinkColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Cloud Condensation Nuclei ParameterizationColin O'DowdDownload PDF
LIDAR quantification of Particulate Matter Import/ExportColin O'DowdDownload PDF
SO2 – to – Sulphate Aerosol Production in Volcanic Ash CloudsColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Developing a parameterisation to describe the impact of anthropogenic aerosols on heterogeneous and homogeneous freezing in Ice cloudColin O'DowdDownload PDF
European continental outflow: impact on the radiative balance of pristine marine environment.Colin O'DowdDownload PDF
Radiative parameterization of Marine aerosol scatteringColin O'DowdDownload PDF
Regulation of Cdc7 protein kinase by protein-protein interactionsCorrado SantocanaleDownload PDF
Chromatin replication in human cellsCorrado SantocanaleDownload PDF
Assessing Cdc7 kinase function in mitosis.Corrado SantacanaleDownload PDF
Advancing our understanding of regulation of DNA repair processes by the cell division cycle 7 kinaseCorrado SantacanaleDownload PDF
Algorithms for computing with infinite linear groups.Dane FlanneryDownload PDF
MicroBioElecSense: Microbial biofilms for electrochemical sensorsDonal LeechDownload PDF
EnzElec: Enzyme electrodes for fuel cellsDonal LeechDownload PDF
Heterogeneous computing in algebraEmil SköldbergDownload PDF
Algebra resolutions of binomial idealsEmil SköldbergDownload PDF
Hochschild cohomology algebras of monomial algebras.Emil SköldbergDownload PDF
Horizontal Flow Biofilm Technology for the Removal of Odours and Greenhouse GasesEoghan CliffordDownload PDF
Wastewater sludge; a new resource of the future. Development of novel technologies enablingEoghan CliffordDownload PDF
Synthesis and Evaluation of New Bioreductive Ditetrazole Anti‐Tumor AgentsFawaz AldabbaghDownload PDF
Access to New Anti‐Cancer Agents Through Annulations with Spirocyclic OxetanesFawaz AldabbaghDownload PDF
Ecophysiology of soil persistent Escherichia coliFlorence AbramDownload PDF
Evolution of Metal and Antibiotic Co-Resistance in Planktonic and Biofilm cells of Pseudomonas aeruginosaGerard FlemingDownload PDF
Control of biofilm formation in cooling tower using electro-potentiated metal ions.Gerard FlemingDownload PDF
Finite Coxeter groups and their algebrasGötz PfeifferDownload PDF
Computational aspects of the fundmental groupGraham EllisDownload PDF
Optimal co-expression graph building by microarray data re-weighting for improving Guilt-by-Association AnalysesHaixuan YangDownload PDF
Seasonal measurements of reactive oxidants and free radicals in the marine atmosphereHarald BerresheimDownload PDF
Atmospheric oxidation of sulfur compounds in the marine environmentHarold BerresheimDownload PDF
Random graph generationJames CruickshankDownload PDF
Spatial Economic Development: An Agent-Based Simulation ApproachJim DugganDownload PDF
Mixture model based clustering of longitudinal data from overdispersed generalized linear modelsJohn HindeDownload PDF
Model selection in flexible extended generalized linear models.John HindeDownload PDF
Statistical Modelling of Count DataJohn HindeDownload PDF
The proposed PhD topic is Estimating the Mean Residual Life function in the presence of right censored data.John NewellDownload PDF
Mining and optimizing the potential of novel enzymes from thermophilic fungi for biorefinery Maria TuohyDownload PDF
Optimising Occupational Hygiene exposure assessment strategy - Active Pharmaceutical manufacturing case studyMarie CogginsDownload PDF
Workplace intervention study for Occupational exposure to whole body and hand arm vibration in mining operationsMarie CogginsDownload PDF
Respirable crystalline silica exposures in mining Marie CogginsDownload PDF
Radon DosimetryMark FoleyDownload PDF
Very-high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics using the VERITAS telescope arrayMark LangDownload PDF
Non-invasive optical measurement of tissue glucose for diabetesMartin LeahyDownload PDF
Optical Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Soft MatterMartin LeahyDownload PDF
Microcirculation imaging of the intracoronary artery plaqueMartin LeahyDownload PDF
Photoacoustic tomography mediated by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)Martin LeahyDownload PDF
Digital camera as a sensing technology to aid the profoundly disabledMartin LeahyDownload PDF
Non-invasive optical measurement of blood glucose for diabetesMartin LeahyDownload PDF
Mechanical properties of human arterial wall tissue using ultrasensitive Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)Martin LeahyDownload PDF
Sub-surface and microcirculatory fingerprint capture using cmOCTMartin LeahyDownload PDF
Determination of the structural and functional properties of human eye lens using ultrasensitive Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)Martin LeahyDownload PDF
Sensing sub-surface tissue structure at the nanoscale using ultrasensitive Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)Martin LeahyDownload PDF
Extremophiles in the Solar System: the evolution and diversity of halophilic microbial communities in deep time.Martin FeelyDownload PDF
Mathematical modelling of the uptake and redistribution of quantum dots in cellsMartin MeereDownload PDF
Epigenetic Control Mechanisms in the Pathogenesis of OsteoarthritisMary MurphyDownload PDF
Star and planet formation in the ALMA eraMatt RedmanDownload PDF
Modeling the onset of massive star formationMatt RedmanDownload PDF
Viewing the universe with hydrogen cyanideMatt RedmanDownload PDF
Comparison, Clustering and Search for Chemical Spectroscopy DataMichael MaddenDownload PDF
Chemical Sensor Data Analytics on Low-Cost ProcessorsMichael MaddenDownload PDF
Mechanics of Brain MatterMichel DestradeDownload PDF
Optical Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Soft MatterMichel DestradeDownload PDF
Development of Bayesian models for analysis and design of adaptive clinical trialsMilovan KrnjajicDownload PDF
Development of non-parametric Bayesian models in regression analysis.Milovan KrnjajicDownload PDF
Domain decomposition and Schur decomposition methods for partial differential equations.Niall MaddenDownload PDF
Novel electrostatic immobilisation of catalysts for asymmetric synthesisPatrick O’LearyDownload PDF
Novel chiral ligands for use in asymmetric synthesisPatrick O’LearyDownload PDF
Using tandem reactions in organic synthesis.Paul MurphyDownload PDF
Synthesis of inhibitors of plant pathogens.Paul MurphyDownload PDF
Synthesis of cancer stem cell inhibitors.Paul MurphyDownload PDF
Production of reactive oxygen species (ROS: Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide) from the photolysis of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in Natural Waters Peter CrootDownload PDF
Titanium speciation in natural waters: Organic complexation and anthropogenic nanoparticlesPeter CrootDownload PDF
Spatial Economic Development: Mathematical Modelling of Interactions Petri T PiiroinenDownload PDF
Monte-Carlo calculations of radiotherapy of lung taking into account radiobiological response from tissue and movement of target.W Van Der PuttenDownload PDF
Theoretical and Experimental validation of the treatment of metastatic bone cancer.W Van Der PuttenDownload PDF
Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPIDs) for use in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Quality Control (QC) and Dose Verification incorporating Monte-Carlo calculations to reconstruct dose received in the patient. Wil Van Der PuttenDownload PDF
Coping with flooding; development of aerenchyma Zoe PopperDownload PDF
Plant vascular developmentZoe PopperDownload PDF
Plant-plant parasitic interactionsZoe PopperDownload PDF