Renewable Energy ProjectsLead InvestigatorDescription
MicroFuel: Microbial biofilms for electricity generationDonal LeechDownload PDF
The combustion of biofuels is important for a sustainable energy future, particularly for transportation fuels.Henry CurranDownload PDF
Structural health monitoring of tidal turbine bladesJamie GogginsDownload PDF
Magnetic component / power electronics for distributed renewable energy systems: focusing on the application of power electronic solutions developed for variable load profiles to improve the efficiency of renewable sources under variable source power levels. Energy sources to be considered include PV, wind and CHP.Maeve DuffyDownload PDF
Enhanced Biocatalyst systems for biomass conversion to bioenergyMaria TuohyDownload PDF
Research Field E - Synchronization of Smart Grid SystemsPeter CorcoranDownload PDF
Research Field D - Energy Efficiency Issues for Cloud ComputingPeter CorcoranDownload PDF
Accurate and Efficient Prediction of Ocean Energy Array Performance and Environmental ImpactsRory MonaghanDownload PDF
Ensuring Sustainability in Bioenergy: Life-Cycle Assessment of National-Scale Bioenergy InfrastructuresRory MonaghanDownload PDF
Smarter Building Energy: generating reduced-order models from CFD simulations for fast, efficient, flexible and accurate simulations of building energy useRory MonaghanDownload PDF
From Blade to Farm: Accurate and Efficient Prediction of Wind Farm PerformanceRory MonaghanDownload PDF
Multiphysics Computational and Experimental Study of Biomass Combustion in Fluidised BedsRory MonaghanDownload PDF
Computational and Experimental Characterisation of Next Generation FuelsRory MonaghanDownload PDF
Closing the Water-Energy-Waste Cycle: Sustainable Energy from Sewage Sludge and Animal SlurryRory MonaghanDownload PDF
Dynamic Reduced Order Modelling of Gasification SystemsRory MonaghanDownload PDF