This Morning, ITV, 18/1/19 Should Primary School Children Be Taught About Masturbation?

TG4 Bloc, 14/10/19, Micheal Carey “Cad is toiliú ann?,”

Radio Highlights


RTÉ Drivetime, 23/9/19: Mary Wilson Go to 1.10.50 until 1.22.45

RTÉ Drivetime24/9/19: Mary Wilson Go to 1.19.40 until 1.30.15,

RTÉ The Business 09/11/19 Regulating Porn
RTÉ Radio 1, 22/06/2020 Today with Sarah McInerney

Print Media Highlights:

The Journal, 22/9/21
Dr Caroline West: It is vital we stop victim blaming when it comes to sexual assault

 Hotpress, 14/9/2021 Dr Caroline West: "What we want people to do is remember the magic ingredients of good sex, which is consent and communication" 

Irish Examiner, 26/8/2021 Dr Caroline West: We need to normalise discussions on consent 

 Irish Times, 25/8/2021 Sexual consent programme for second level students launched,to%2017%2Dyear%2Dolds

The Irish Times, 24/08/2021 Fifth of teenage boys do not believe consent is necessary prior to sexual activity.

Irish Examiner, 24/08/2021 One in five boys 'neutral' on consent being required for sex 

The Independent, 24/08/2021 Survey of teen boys and girls shows a disparity in sexual consent attitude 

RTE News, 24/08/2021 Sexual consent education programme for second-level schools launched.

The Journal, 24/08/2021 9 in 10 teenage girls aged 15-17 agree consent is always required for sexual activity 

Irish Examiner 07/07/2017 Catherine Shanahan:

Irish Examiner 07/09/2017 Áilín Quinlan: No means no: Why sexual consent is a growing educational issue in colleges

Irish Examiner 01/11/2017 Noel Baker: Abuse of female students increases each year

Irish Examiner 21/12/2017 Noel Baker: 8% of female students report sexual contact without consent

Irish Times, 07/08/2018 Jack Power : Minister to examine compulsory sexual-consent college classes

Irish Examiner 07/08/2018 Dan Buckely: More than half of boys first watch porn aged 10-13

Irish Independent11/08/2018 Katherine Donnelly: Honest conversation can empower children who are confused about sex 

Irish Times 03/11/2018 Deirdre Falvey: Sexual assault: How do you change the script?

Irish Examiner 18/12/2018 (No author mentioned) NUIG release consent video after finding 37% of students think intoxicated women can still give consent

 Irish Times, 28/1/19: Carl O’Brien Transition year students to have access to sexual consent workshops. 

Irish Independent, 06/02/2019: Katherine Donnelly: Calls for porn literacy to be included in sex education 'to remove the stigma'

Irish Times, 20/3/19: Carl O’Brien: Cultural change needed to make campuses safer for third-level students. 

Irish Examiner, 26/8/19: Joyce Fegan: Consent classes for post primary students to be launched following university success. 

Irish Examiner, 27/08/2019: Jess Casey: 'Overwhelming' support for school consent classes by parents

Irish Times, 14/11/19: Kate Dawson: A typically functioning young person frequently viewing porn will not lead to sexual violence.

Irish Examiner 22/06/2020 Jess Casey -Three in 10 female students experience non-consensual sex at college,

Irish Examiner , 22/06/2020 Jess Casey,‘Stark depiction of sexual violence and harassment towards students”

The Herald- 22/06/2020 Katherine Donnelly One in three female students subjected to 'rape-like' assaults,

NewsTalk, 22/06/2020 Stephen McNeice; Three in ten (29%) female college students say they've experienced non-consensual sex during their time in college, according to a new survey.

Irish Independent, 22/06/2020 Katherine Donnelly; College consent crisis: students forced or threatened into sex, ,

Irish Independent,24/06/2020 Katherine Donnelly,‘UL President says incidents of sexual assault on higher education campuses in Ireland are grossly under reported”

Irish Independent, 25/06/2020 Katherine Donnelly, ‘many sex attacks in colleges are not reported”

The Journal, 22/06/2020 Hayley Halpin; 3 in 10 female third-level students have experienced non-consensual penetration, survey finds

The Irish Times 22/06/2020 Shauna Bowers;College students report harassment and non-consensual sexual encounters

Online Media Highlights


Irish Examiner, 19/7/2021 Online sexual consent support hub for students, 8/9/2021 Going to college: ‘Consent is OMFG – Ongoing, Mutual, and Freely Given’ 

Newstalk, 24/08/2021 One-in-five teenage boys do not believe consent is always necessary before sex

Today FM, 24/08/2021 One in five teenage boys don’t believe consent is necessary, survey finds 11/01/2019 Josh Crosbie: 'Active Consent' Programme Launched At NUI Galway 26/08/2019 Joyce Fegan:Consent classes for post primary students to be launched following university success 22/06/2020 Jess Casey; Three in 10 female students experience non-consensual sex at college 22/06/2020 Katherine Donnelly;Reality can be horrifyingly at odds with ideals of respect and consent for many young people

College newspaper coverage:

The College View, DCU, 06/02/2019 Niamh Quinlan:, NUI Galway, 11/9/2019 Conor Brummell: 

University Times (TCDSU), 22/06/2020 Ella Connolly:Levels of Sexual Assault, Harassment High in Colleges, USI Survey Finds,

University Times, 30/06/2020 Cormac Watson, Most Universities do not record sexual assaults, survey finds.


Local newspaper coverage:

Connacht Tribune

24/08/2021 NUI Galway leads sexual consent survey of Irish teenagers

22/06/2020 NUIG student survey finds only 3% brought sexual assault complaint to Gardai

28/06/2020 Denise McNamara ‘ Survey lifts lid on silent pain of sexual assault”

Galway Advertiser  

24/01/2019 Declan Varley: Minister launches new four-year Active Consent programme at NUI Galway 

09/08/2019 (No author mentioned) Minister launches NUI Galway report on sexual consent among third level students 

05/09/2019 (No Author Mentioned): Active consent programme to tour colleges with original play

Galway Daily

09/08/2018 Briain Kelly: Majority of students don’t think heavy drinking affects ability to give consent

10/09/2018 Michael Malone: Consent workshops rolled out for first-year NUI Galway students

11/01/2019 Briain Kelly: Minister launches fresh programme promoting consent at NUI Galway

14/02/2019 Briain Kelly: Interactive film explores intimacy and consent in long term relationships

10/11/2019 Briain Kelly: NUIG study suggests porn use exacerbates sexual aggression

12/02/2020 Briain Kelly: NUIG launches nationwide survey on students sexual experiences

22/06/2020 Michael Malone 3 in 10 women at college experience sexual violence, national survey finds

Galway Bay FM

24/08/2021 NUI Galway leads sexual consent survey of Irish teenagers

22/06/2020 NUIG student survey finds only 3% brought sexual assault complaint to Gardai

Other references:

TedX Talks

April 2019, Kate Dawson: Talking Dirty: Destimatising Conversations on Sex 

30/07/2019 Brainstorm RTE Kate Dawson: The importance of porn literacy for young Irish people

11/09/2019 Eleanor Mannion, “Play about sexual consent touring Irish universities,” RTÉ News, 11/9/19,

22/06/2020 RTÉ Brainstorm, Charlotte McIvor, Pádraig MacNeela, Lorraine Burke;Why are so many Irish students not reporting sexual assaults?

RTÉ 22/06/2020 Pat Mcgrath - Over half of first-year students report sexual harassment – survey

Today FM -22/06/2020 Ben Finnegan; Almost One In Three Women Report Being Sexually Assaulted In College,