Student Services

Student Services is a team that are core to the personal and academic development of students.  Student Services is under the management of the Vice President for the Student Experience.

Our shared Vision is Every NUI Galway Student will be supported to actively engage with the University experience to maximise their potential for learning and leadership for life and work.  The achievement of this Vision is thrrough our Mission "Student Services will provide students with integrated and prioritised personal, high quality services, appropriate to their developmental and support needs, to promote student engagement".  



We welcome your feedback (comments, compliments, complaints and suggestions, Please complete our feedback form so that we can improve our service to you our customers. You can find the online form here .

Our promise to you - Find out  here what you can expect from Student Welfare Support Services





Central Services 

 Corrib Village Living Area

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Accommodation: Get help find appropriate accommodation in Student Residences, flats, apartments or houses. We can also help if problems arise with property owners.

Financaial Assistance and Advice:  Get advice on managing your money and apply for financial assistance.

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Welfare Queries:
Provides support and advice on any welfare issue that is affecting you.  Call in person to Student Services, Aras Ui Chathail.
Policies, Codes and  Procedures
Find out about the Student Code of Conduct , Complaints Procedures and other Policies and Protocols
Student Led Support:
Provides student to student support for 1st year undergraduate students

Support for First Year students: 
Read our ezine for First Year students including back issues

Health and Wellbeing

Find out about our support with mental health, emotional and life’s difficulties
Health Promotion: 
Find out about advice, support and facilities for a healthier lifestyle. 

Health Unit (Medical)
Learn about help available when you are  unwell (GP, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry).

Community Connector

The Community Connector is a new student support service which works with students in a relaxed, non-clinical and collaborative way. The main aim of the Community Connector is to support students to create new social connections, pursue social interests they have, and to enjoy the social side of the college experience.

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Community and Social

Get information on liturgical, pastoral, and social activities.
Find out about great opportunities to meet people with similar interests, try new things and have fun.
Learn about opportunities to balance your academic study with a wide range of social and personal development activities through sports clubs, gym, other indoor facilities and field sports.

Career Development and Employability:

Equal Participation

 Careers Connect Student

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Career Development Centre:
Find out about  services, programmes and facilities for students and recent graduates  to enable you develop career and employability attributes,  secure placement opportunities and  make contact with employers.

Access Students
Find out all you need to know as an Access Student, who is eligible  and what programmes and supports are available to you.

Mature Students
Find out about modes of entry, academic programmes and supports.

Students with a Disability
Learn about our supports for students with a disability or learning difficulty.


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