1BA Psychology Tutorials

Online booking system

  • You will need to have your official student ID number and an email address, in order to make an online booking

  • NEW! - If the second-last digit of your ID number is an even digit (including '0'), then you must select a tutorial group beginning with E (EA1 to EJ2), otherwise select from OA1 to OJ2 (REMEMBER - 7th digit!)

  • You will have a tutorial EVERY SECOND WEEK. While both are available, you may sign up for either the first session or the second session tutorials

  • Enter your details and tutorial selection carefully, because you will not be able to change or correct your booking online

  • Once you have signed-up for your tutorial, you will be able to confirm your booking. This page will also indicate the venue for your tutorial

  • Venues may be changed for some of your tutorials, but you will be notified of any changes ahead of time

  • Please note: The tutorial you sign up for is the only tutorial you may attend. You may not switch tutorials. If you attend a tutorial that is not the one you have registered for, you will not receive credit for attendance. Extenuating circumstances will only be considered if brought to the attention of the Academic Coordinator in advance.

  • If, for some reason, you are unable to register online, send an email to the address below (ie. 1bapsychology at nuigalway dot ie) with your ID no. and any other pertinent details
You can sign up for a tutorial, or check the details of your booking using the links below:

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Remember, you can check your tutorial details at any time using the CHECK link above.