NUI Galway is committed to community and the development of positive impacts on people’s lives. Vision 2020 recognises that NUI Galway has a responsibility for sustainability in the community and is committed to promoting a spirit of corporate social responsibility by contributing to a healthier more sustainable and green environment. Vision 2020 calls for the development of a campus that is sustainable and efficient and provides a high-quality experience for all who study, work, live, play and visit.

NUI Galway is committed to creating pathways to exchange knowledge with the community. The Community Knowledge Initiative fosters sustainability community-university partnerships through core academic activities, including teaching, research and management that aim to promote greater civic engagement among students and staff.

NUI Galway will continue to promote active sustainability community engagement by developing a mutually beneficial, knowledge-based collaboration between the institution and its staff and students and the wider community on sustainability through a range of activities including: service learning/community-based learning, volunteering, outreach programmes, community-campus partnerships and access programmes.

Already, over 14,000 students take part in service learning each academic year through their participation with over 500 community partners. Service learning encourages students to learn about issues vital to society and instil in students a sense of social responsibility and civic awareness.

A Learning Initiative and Volunteering Experience (ALIVE) is NUI Galway’s student volunteer programme. Over 1200 students are recognised each year for their volunteering commitment within a variety of pathways including community and non-governmental organisations through participation within societies and clubs and mentoring first year students.

The role of EPIC is to facilitate Community-Engaged Research and Knowledge exchange between NUI Galway and the wider community. EPIC can act as a point of contact for community, voluntary and statutory organisations who would like to access sustainability-related research and other collaborative opportunities with the university. It also acts as a key contact point for staff and students within the university who want information about sustainability-related research and public engagement opportunities with the wider community.

NUI Galway through the Sustainability Strategy will continue build on education, trust, inclusion and strong governance to successfully engage the community.