Moving towards sustainability will require long-term cultural change driven by system-wide engagement, strong governance and committed leadership. This Strategy builds on the vision and targets outlined in the ambitious NUI Galway Strategic Plan, Vision 2020.The University is committed to embedding the principles of sustainability throughout the institution, from teaching and research to operation and investments.

The next three years present major opportunities for the University, Galway City and the wider region through the Green Leaf 2017, Region of Gastronomy 2018 and European Capital of Culture 2020 designations. We will scale our sustainability successes beyond the campus boundaries, acting as a role model for neighbouring communities, other national bodies and our international partners.

NUI Galway will strive to show leadership in the transition to a more sustainable future by promoting sustainability scholarship, social justice, human rights and global citizenship as graduate and staff attributes, building practical partnerships with communities and other organisations and achieving public sector targets.