Leadership in sustainability at NUI Galway is explicit in the language of Vision 2020. Vision 2020 focuses on “creating a campus that is sustainable, where all resources are used efficiently and the vision focuses on creating a healthier, more sustainable and green campus environment”. The establishment of the Community and University Sustainability Project (CUSP) in 2015 under the direction of the Registrar and Deputy President is another example of leadership for sustainability. CUSP aims to make NUI Galway one of the greenest, smartest and healthiest campuses in the world.

The Sustainability Initiative recognises that embedding sustainability into organisational culture is a priority and will require long-term cultural change achieved by committed leadership, strong governance and system wide engagement. Leadership is required at all levels to ensure that sustainability measures are built in as an organisational priority. Allowing space for engagement and encouraging active participation by all stakeholders are recognised by the Sustainability Initiative as key requirements for the design and implementation of a successful sustainability programme. The Sustainability Initiative will focus on developing meaningful communication and education programmes to support the sustainability engagement process.

NUI Galway recognises that the positive impact of behaviours, educational activities, campus operations, and global stewardship has the potential to translate the sustainability agenda from the local level beyond the boundaries of the campus and into local communities, nationally and internationally. We will strive to share our sustainability model with peers in the private, public and higher education sectors.