Research is key to developing new technologies and new ways of thinking on sustainability. NUI Galway supports a large number of research centres related to sustainability and Environment, Marine and Energy has been identified as one of the University’s Five Thematic Research Priorities.

The Ryan Institute is NUI Galway’s hub for Environmental,Marine and Energy research and its members are committed to knowledge sharing and collaborations across disciplines.

For example, The Energy Research Centre (ERC), within the Ryan Institute aims to engage in research, education and outreach in the fields of Energy and Environment.

Its work is organised into four thematic research groups:

The Centre for Health from Environment within the Ryan Institute recognises the dependence of human health on our environment and promotes the concept that health and well-being is the most important resource that we derive from our environment.

Also, the Whitaker Institute is committed to a vision of a sustainable and inclusive society and the Institute includes as research clusters: Creative, Liveable and Sustainable Communities and Environment, Development and Sustainability.

The Sustainability Initiative will build on existing strengths by further embedding sustainability principles and practices throughout research and creating a repository of sustainability research.