NUI Galway recognises the importance of increasing sustainability knowledge among all campus users, including students, staff and community partners. We will work towards an internationally-acclaimed sustainability curriculum that is relevant to the needs of society and responsive to the changes taking place. An initial audit (May, 2015) identified that NUI Galway currently offers 196 courses covering environmental and/or sustainability issues, spanning all Colleges within and crossing disciplines as diverse as geography and engineering. We will continue to provide teaching and learning programmes that respond to societal needs and that educate students who will be valued for their world readiness. NUI Galway has increased the number of modules that raise awareness of environment, nature and sustainablity from 196 in 2015 to 231 in 2018, read more here in the SDG Green Module Report.

The University is committed to developing programme delivery methods that incorporate project-based and field-based learning, service learning and problem solving. We aim to complement teaching and learning activities through external engagement with employers, alumni, mentors, practitioners and community partners.

The Sustainability Strategy will forge partnerships with the Community Knowledge Initiative, Campus Engage and others to harness the power of community-university partnerships to promote the principles and practices of sustainability in education.