NUI Galway recognises that the health of the campus community is the University’s most valuable resource and is focused on creating a healthier and happier campus for students, staff and the public. The University will strive to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of the campus community through the design and maintenance of the built and natural environment, embedding health and wellbeing into policies, procedures and everyday practice.

The University will ensure access and availability to programmes and resources that contribute to health and wellbeing. NUI Galway recognises that good health involves looking after all dimensions of your wellbeing.

NUI Galway offers:

There are over 50 sports clubs and 82 student societies. There is a Health Promotion Service in place to assist students to reach their full potential and create a healthier campus.

The Sustainability iniaitve aims to improve campus health and wellbeing in every day living by promoting sustainable transport options, choosing healthy food, reducing water consumption, conserving energy, as well as responsible workplace action on health and safety, diversity, disability and other strands of equality.