NUI Galway recognises that the health of the campus community is the University’s most valuable resource and is focused on creating a healthier, happier and safer campus for students, staff and the wider community.

The Sustainability Strategy aims to improve campus health and wellbeing in every- day living by providing opportunities for healthy safe and sustainable food , strengthening mental health and resilience, reducing alcohol and other substance misuse,  promoting sustainable transport options, providing easy access to safe drinking water, implementing clean energy systems and promoting health benefits of interactions with Nature. The University will ensure access and availability to programmes and resources that contribute to health and wellbeing. NUI Galway recognises that good health involves looking after all dimensions of your wellbeing.

The Sport and Recreation Unit has a mission to promote participation in sport and physical activities by all students and staff and there are over 50 active Sports Clubs at NUI Galway.  NUI Galway offers a Student Health Unit, Counselling Services and Safe Campus Programme. There are over 100 active Student Societies at NUI Galway. Our campus caterers continuously strive to make better choices and implement sustainable food initiatives for both our customers and the environment.