NUI Galway is committed to the effective and efficient use of water throughout the campus and the appropriate treatment, management and disposal of wastewater. The University will strive to reduce university-wide water usage and increase the use of reclaimed water through a series of measures, including: water leakage detection and repair programme, education and outreach, process-related efficiency measures, greywater and rainwater harvesting.

A water-leakage detection and repair programme rolled out on South Campus incorporating mains replacement has reduced water usage by almost two thirds since 2007. The roll-out of a waterless urinal project that eliminates the need for regular timed flushing has resulted in saving of 29,800 cubic meters of water per annum.

NUI Galway is committed to developing innovative and sustainable water, wastewater and waste treatment technologies that meet water treatment requirements, protect the environment and grow the smart economy. The NUI Galway / EPA Water Research Facility (WRF) is a world class infrastructure for trialing new processes for water treatment in real world conditions with the aim of providing practical and robust solutions.

WATERNOMICS is a €4.2m EU-funded research project, led by NUI Galway that leverages innovative information and communications technologies (ICT) to improve management and user-awareness of water consumption. WATERNOMICS will enable reduced water consumption by increasing awareness of the availability of water resources and providing personalized feedback about water consumption.