QA261 Blackboard Account Generation

The diagram below explains the three sources from which accounts are automatically created on Blackboard:

  1. All registered students have accounts generated from the main Student Records system.
  2. For staff, accounts are automatically created from the Human Resources database (Core HR)
  3. Temporary accounts can be arranged for non NUIG users, such as temporary staff or external users, these accounts are known as 't' or 'e' accounts. These accounts can be arranged with Computer Services (see

 Student enrolment

Blackboard is integrated with the Student Information System (Quercus Plus). Once a student is registered for a course that is using Blackboard, they will be automatically enrolled in this course and able to access the relevant material.

As students begin to register for the new academic year in August/September, they will appear in the list of enrolled students on their respective Blackboard courses automatically within 24 hours. Students will normally have access for up to 4 years of courses, unless an instructor has chosen to make courses unavailable. The student registration schedule is viewable online from the Registration Office.

Will my students already know about Blackboard?

Blackboard accounts are created automatically for all registered NUI Galway students, as part of the university account creation process. However, in many cases the students would not yet be aware of this. You will be their main point of contact for information about how to login and access your course, so you should tell them about this in class or in course handbooks.

How do students login?

Students can log in at using their Student ID and CASS (Campus Account Self Service) password. Any problems can be dealt with by the Service Desk in Information Solutions and Services (ISS), email Telephone 091 495777 ext 5777  (Students should take their ID card with them) .

Can the Blackboard Course instructor enrol students manually?

You will not need to enrol students on your Blackboard Course. They will automatically be enrolled from Quercus Plus (Student Information System) onto all of their official modules.

It is possible to override this mechanism and manually enrol students, but this is not advisable. If you opt to manually enrol a student, they will not be registered for exams for your course. It is best to resolve the problem at the source (help the student correctly register for the module). 

Can I remove a student from my Blackboard module?

It is not possible to remove a student who is officially registered for a module - the automated process will simply re-enrol them. It is possible to remove a student that has been added manually.

N.B. This will destroy any assessments or contribution made by this user, so PLEASE be careful!

Blackboard Help

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