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QA259 Blackboard Instructor Access

If you need instructor access to a Blackboard course there are a number of options. Select the route most appropriate to you:

1. Update the module record on Akari (Curriculum Manager)

An instructor can be assigned by updating the Module Teacher field on Akari (Adding an Instructor via Akari). This action can be performed by the module owner or any of the module editors on Akari.

This option gives you access (within 24 hours) to the current Blackboard course, and to the same course in subsequent years. To be removed from the course, your name has to be removed from the Module Teacher field on Akari.

Only instructors added using this method will be rolled over from year to year.

2. Ask an existing instructor to give you access

If there is already at least one existing instructor on the Blackboard course, that person can add you as an instructor. See the instructions for adding a teaching assistant on the Blackboard system. Note: CELT does not enrol instructors on a Blackboard course where there is already an existing instructor. This policy is in place to protect any intellectual property that may be contained within the course.

This option gives you instructor access to the course for only the current year on Blackboard. Your access will not be rolled over to subsequent years. It is appropriate for instructors who are not members of staff at NUI Galway (e.g. postgraduate tutors, external contributors with an e-account).

3. I need instructor access for a course instance or subject code

Instructor access for a Blackboard course that corresponds to a course instance or a subject code cannot be facilitated via Akari. In this case, option 2 is most appropriate.

If there is no existing instructor for the Blackboard course, please email

QA264 Ad hoc Modules

4. My Blackboard site does not correspond with an official module code

If your proposed Blackboard site does not correspond with an official course or module code, please contact and we will discuss the options. Note: it will not be possible to enrol students on this type of course, and the course must be relevant to the teaching and learning activities of learners at NUI Galway.


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