QA262 End Of Year Rollover of Modules

With the end of the academic year comes the time to set up new Blackboard courses for next year. New courses are created during the summer months, once the syllabus files have been returned to Academic Records.  This way, when the next year begins you will have a fresh and empty Blackboard course with new students enrolled (once they register), thus allowing a new cohort to use the course, unaffected by previous students. 

New Courses

New courses are automatically created for each new academic year. For the academic year 2015-2016, these courses can be identified by the prefix 1516-<Course Code> (e.g. 1516-MS115, or 1516-1BA1).

Student Access

Once students begin to register for the new academic year, they will appear in the list of enrolled students on their respective Blackboard courses automatically (within 24 hours). The student registration schedule is viewable online from the Registration Office.

Rollover in three steps

  1. Check that your new courses are on Blackboard.
  2. Ensure the Instructor list is correct. Add or remove instructors and teaching assistants as necessary
  3. Populate your course by creating new content, or you may choose to copy selected content from a previous year.