Returning Results Using the Blackboard Grade Centre

Returning Marks for 2nd Sitting Students

1. When returning second sitting results, two columns will appear called 2nd Sitting and 2nd Sit Mark. The R in the 2nd Sitting column indicates that the student a grade is expected to be entered for the student.

2. To return a mark for a 2nd sitting student, simply put a 0 – 100 or INC in the 2nd Sit Mark column and complete the Mark Approval and Transfer process.

Blackboard Grade Centre User Guide

QA260 Returning Results Using the Blackboard Grade Centre‌ - Download

In our extensive Blackboard Grade Centre guide, you will find all of the information necessary to return results.  Some of the topics included are:

  • Parts of the Grade Centre
  • Visibility of marks to students
  • Managing and organising the Grade Centre
  • Returning marks
  • Using Excel with the Grade Centre
  • FAQs and contact information

See the Blackboard help manual for more information on using the Grade Centre. Some key highlights are...

Grade Center Interface

Get a quick overview of the Blackboard Grade Center interface:

How to Enter Grades

You can manually enter Grades in the Blackboard Grade Centre. Find out how on:

Upload or Download Grade Centre Items for Working Offline in MS Excel

You can work on any Grade Centre items in Excel. Find out more about how this works:

More Resources

Read more Marks and Standards or the NUI Galway Exams Office website

Also check out their FAQ on Marks Returned.