Returning Results Using the Blackboard Grade Centre

Returning Results Using the Blackboard Grade Centre - Download

In our extensive Blackboard Grade Centre guide, you will find all of the information necessary to return results.  Some of the topics included are:

  • Parts of the Grade Centre
  • Visibility of marks to students
  • Managing and organising the Grade Centre
  • Returning marks
  • Using Excel with the Grade Centre
  • FAQs and contact information

See the Blackboard help manual for more information on using the Grade Centre. Some key highlights are...

Grade Center Interface

Get a quick overview of the Blackboard Grade Center interface:

How to Enter Grades

You can manually enter Grades in the Blackboard Grade Centre. Find out how on:

Upload or Download Grade Centre Items for Working Offline in MS Excel

You can work on any Grade Centre items in Excel. Find out more about how this works:

More Resources

Read more Marks and Standards or the NUI Galway Exams Office website

Also check out their FAQ on Marks Returned.