Returning Results Using the Blackboard Grade Centre

FAQs for Marks Return

The deadline for undergraduate marks return is 29th May.  Please see below for some common FAQs about marks return, or the rest of this page for more detailed assistance. 

What is the Final Mark Column?

The Final Mark Column is used to send final marks to the Student Information System (Quercus). It should appear by default in your Grade Centre, and will be hidden from students.

If you do not see the Final Mark column, then you should check to see if it has been hidden from the instructor view.  You can check to see its location by going to Manage > Column Organisation and looking at the list of columns and statuses. If the column does not appear, or appears with a creation date from a previous academic year, then please contact the Service Desk

What is the Calculated Final Mark Column?

The new Calculated Final Mark column can be used to calculate from existing columns in your Blackboard Grade Centre and transfer that mark to the Student Information System.  It will appear alongside the other default columns in your Grade Centre, and it is set by default to be hidden from students. To use this column, you can choose to Edit Column Information and include the columns you wish to weight.

Select the columns you wish to choose in your calculations and use the arrow to push them across:


Now you can enter the percentage weighting of each column.  Your Total Weight must equal 100%, hence the need to have all your columns ready, even if no marks are in them yet. You will not be permitted to move on if the total weight does not equal 100%.

Please note that the default setting is to calculate marks as a running total.  This should be set to “No” so that missing work would correctly affect the overall grade.

 The Calculated Final Mark column will be overridden by a mark entered in the Final Mark Column. This will be necessary in some cases as the Calculated Final Mark column cannot be edited. You will need to enter marks that have changed, or an INC, in the Final Mark column.

How do I Mark Approval and Transfer?

When you are ready to transfer your marks, you can do so by going to Manage > Mark Approval and Transfer in the Grade Centre.

Choose to Perform Extract. When the extract has been successful, you will be notified on the next page. You will also be able to view a history of extracts when you revisit the page. 

How can I use Excel with the Grade Centre?

Blackboard allows you to export the Grade Centre from your course, so that you can work on it offline (in Excel for example) and import again later. The process is very easy, but there is one aspect to which you should pay close attention. If you wish to use Excel, then please read through our Using Excel in the Grade Centre guide before doing so.

What about Anonymous Marking?

For large modules with multiple course instance codes, we recommend creating Smart Views and sorting by student ID number.

See instructions here:  Organising the Grade Centre by Course Instance and Student ID

Who should I contact for help?

You can contact the following departments for assistance:

Examinations: Deadlines and schedules for all students excluding 1OA1 and 1EM1

International Office: Deadlines and schedules for 1OA1 and 1EM1 students

Registration: Course instance code is blank or incorrent course instance code is appearing for a student

Service Desk: Missing columns, return and release of results, and general support

CELT: Training and documentation

Marks and Standards

Blackboard Grade Centre User Guide

PDF QA260 Returning Results Using the Blackboard Grade Centre  - In this extensive Blackboard Grade Centre guide, you will find all of the information necessary to return results.  Topics include:

  • Making marks visible to students
  • Returning marks to the Student Information System
  • Using Excel with the Grade Centre

Word Online Results Return Quick Checklist (Doc) - This is a quick one-page checklist on how to return marks.

See for more information on using the Grade Centre. Some key highlights are...

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