Teaching with Technology

Teaching with technology can deepen student learning. We are here to help you (novice, expert, and everyone in between) find creative and constructive ways to integrate technology into your class. If you are looking to flip your class, make use of Blackboard, or simply want to experiment with some new learning technologies, we can help.

There are short, interactive lessons available for many of our featured learning technologies.  These lessons are openly available as part of the All Aboard! Digital Skills in Higher Education project.  If you are new to a particular learning technology, they can prove especially useful.  Lessons are available throughout this section of the site wherever you see the View Lesson button.  


Blackboard is NUI Galway's current virtual learning environment and all staff and students have accounts on this system.

Classroom Technology

Using interactive technologies to encourage participation in lectures has become increasingly prelevant. 

Video & Audio

Both audio and video are used to support teaching and learning. Find a tool or approach to help you to produce audio and video resources for use by or in collaboration with your students.


We have a range of facilities for teaching and learning on campus.

Video Collaboration and Communication

Communicate in real time, and record these sessions in various ways

All Aboard! Digital Skills in Higher Education

Visit the website for the All Aboard! project where you can undertake a wide variety of interactive lessons and earn digital badges.  


Student feedback and academic honesty are central to student learning. Turnitin includes a set of tools to improve the student writing cycle by preventing plagiarism and providing rich feedback to students. Find out more:

Social Media for Learning

Social media can be a useful tool, and not simply a distraction. Find out how these technologies are being used in education.

Presentation Software

Prezi.com, is an online resource for creating dramatic presentations that you can share online with others. Find out how others are using it:


Some academics have embraced wikipedia as an educational tool, generating assignments in which students create or edit Wikipedia articles to learn how to write neutral, expository text and to experience the process of peer review and revision.