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What are Clickers ?

Educational technologies used to engage students in the classroom are know as clickers, student response systems, or audience response systems. Clickers are wireless hand-held devices or mobile phones that are used to conduct student participation in the classroom (or pose questions to be answered after a class), often to credit attendance or measure understanding.

The instructor poses questions via a slide during the lecture and students respond by entering their answer on their clicker device or mobile phone. The device transmits the entry to a receiver attached to the instructor's computer which gathers and compiles the data into a chart. This chart can be instantly displayed on screen, along with the correct answer choice. This provides both student and instructor with valuable real time feedback.

NUI Galway has several systems in use: 

  • The College of Science and Geography uses Turning Point
  • There is a legacy system of Interwrite Response clickers that reside in the Audiovisual pool
  • Other Schools and Colleges also maintain their own local devices

What does CELT provide?

  • Group training sessions (please contact us).
  • Online training and webinars.
  • In class and out of class support to ensure your success using clickers.

Where Do I Start?

Information about downloading and installing the TurningPoint software is located on our Getting Started with TurningPoint for staff  page or our Getting Started with TurningPoint for students page.

Getting Started with TurningPoint

Here are some instructions for NUI Galway staff who are using TurningTechnology clickers.

Setup for Staff

Using TurningPoint for in-class polling involves the following steps:

  1. Get a TurningPoint Account
  2. Install the software 
  3. Author your questions
  4. Import your class lists from Blackboard
  5. Enable Mobile Responses in class
  6. Export results after class

Step 1: Get an Account

A Turning Account Instructor license is required to collect student responses using the TurningPoint App and for these be tracked and imported into Blackboard. You can create an account on https://account.turningtechnologies.eu/account/ and then contact David Pelissier in Turning Technologies by email dpelissier@turningtechnologies.com to arrange for an instructor license to be applied to your account. Licences are only available to NUI Galway staff participants in the pilot (i.e. a staff member of the College of Science or the School of Geography). Once complete, users must validate their accounts via an email received and a set password. Important: make sure you select "instructor" as your role. You can check your account at any time on https://account.turningtechnologies.eu/account/

Step 2: Install the software

The TurningPoint software is accessible through the Turning Technologies website (https://www.turningtechnologies.com/downloads) , and select the relevant download to get the TurningPoint (TP8) software file to install on your computer. Be sure to select the correct region: Europe/Africa/Middle East/Russia, and click Connect.

Once installed you use Turning Point  to create one of the following types of clicker questions:

  • PowerPoint Polling - using Clicker questions on your PowerPoint slides
  • Anywhere Polling - Create a poll on the fly in a session
  • Self-Paced Polling - Create Polls or Quizzes that students can take anytime (including outside of class)

Step 3: Create Clicker questions

Once the software is installed, you can begin to author your questions through the TurningPoint Dashboard (in either Powerpoint, Anywhere Polling or Self-Paced Polling mode, as you prefer), to have them ready for use in class.

Step 4: Import your class lists and connect to Blackboard

If you wish to send student responses to Blackboard, you can do so as follows.

  1. Go to Manage> Course > New
  2. Select Download from LMS, and click to Create Course
  3. Select Blackboard, and enter the server address of https://nuigalway.blackboard.com/ along with your Staff ID and Blackboard password. Click to Connect.
  4. Next, select the courses you want to import to your TurningPoint dashboard to collect student responses against, and Import.

You will now be able to send collected student responses back to the Blackboard Grade Center of the selected courses, as outlined in subsequent steps.

Step 5: Run Clicker questions in class

To launch your questions in class, you will log into the TurningPoint software and enable Mobile Responses. This will give you a Session ID that your students can connect to, and will collect their responses.

TurningPoint Dashboard

Select the relevant class list, for the students who will participate in the session, in Powerpoint Polling, or Anywhere Polling.

When done polling, save the session and click End Session in the Mobile Responses mini window.

Note: Students will need a licensed account to participate via the TurningPoint app or a laptop on https://responseware.turningtechnologies.eu/responseware/ .

TurningPoint App:
Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Step 6: Export your results

After the class, you can export your results to Blackboard and/or import a participant list from Blackboard to identify respondants, as per Step 4 above.

Further Support:

See additional help on the Official TurningPoint support website: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/ and also:

Online Webinars

Regular training webinars (entitled "International: Powerpoint Polling") are also running every Tuesday at 2pm for Irish users, in August and September 2017. You can sign up for these on https://www.turningtechnologies.com/training-webinars/turningpoint
Whether you are a first time user, just transitioned to the latest version or you need a refresher, this class is for you. Topics covered include getting started, your ideal hardware set-up, creating questions, polling basics, running presentations, and managing reports.

College of Science First year students

Do you need more help with your TurningPoint clicker? If so, download our quick guide below, and be sure you are signed into the TurningPoint app on your mobile phone to participate in class.

A Quick Guide for Students on ResponseWare : This will step you through the five steps required to get your account set-up from the email that TurningPoint will have sent you.



See answers to some commonly asked questions below

I haven't received an email from TurningPoint and I am a first year in the College of Science

My email invitation says it has expired

I see the message that the "Session is full" in lectures

I'm still unable to log in on my app

Still need help?

Uses & Benefits

Experience shows that the use of clickers transforms the classroom, mostly in very positive ways. Student involvement increases. Students are suddenly active participants in class, not merely passive listeners to a lecture. Listen to some experiences of Faculty in the University of Oregan from 2009 below.

Planning your use

Clickers work in-class with multiple-choice questions, and effective questions engage students in higher-level learning throughout a class session. Consider what questions might work well and when to present them. In addition to taking basic attendance, Clicker exercises can help:

  • Quiz student knowledge and opinions at the beginning of a class
  • Quiz (or re-test) student knowledge and opinions after learning activities
  • Support peer instruction, wherein students discuss answers they gave to a question
  • Find gaps in a class's understanding of course material
  • Quiz students after a class

Showcase 1

Simon Lancaster's Keynote from Sheffield Hallam University's Learning & Teaching Conference 2015.

Prof. Simon Lancaster's keynote will chart progression from courses with “rushed superficial interaction with a select few students” to “almost total engagement with conceptual problems”. Simon practices what he preaches! However, ultimately the key is not technology but pedagogy and participants experience how peer instruction allows us to pose much more challenging conceptual questions of ourselves and our students. Simon advocates partnering students to move beyond flipping transmission and constructivism to flip ownership of the learning experience.

Showcase 2

Quentin Vicens and Ioannis Aliferis. European Research Universities on (TurningPoint) Cloud Nine. In Turning Technologies Nice User Conference, Nice, France, December 11, 2015.


Instructional change from traditional lecturing to student - centered teaching is typically slow at research universities. Our efforts in disseminating TurningPoint-based Peer Instruction at several European universities illustrate that the two main determinants of clicker adoption by an instructor are a positive perception of the benefits of active learning and a successful hands - on evaluation in a real situation. Hence, faculty development approaches may be most effective when they only serve to guide faculty toward meeting their most immediate needs as teachers using evidence-based teaching strategies and technologies.

Showcase 3

A quick look inside Eric Mazur's class using peer instruction and clicker questions to help the students understand scientific concepts.

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