Kaltura Video for Blackboard enables lecturers, students, and staff to easily record, upload, manage, publish, and deliver high-quality video content. It easily adds video to your Blackboard courses.

What is it?

Kaltura’s Video Building Block for Blackboard enables you to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video directly from your Blackboard course. The Blackboard integration makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source online video platform to any Blackboard course.

CELT Online Tutorial: Kaltura in Blackboard

Uses & Benefits

Using Kaltura is a good way to maintain full control over who can access your videos. While YouTube is wonderful for hosting your videos, which can be easily embedded in Blackboard, many people are uncomfortable with publishing videos to a public site and the possibility of losing control over them. With Kaltura, you can share videos at a course level, or make them more widely available. It's up to you.

Kaltura Desktop Recorder

Webcam Recordings are a great way to introduce yourself to online or blended students. You could post a short introductory video at the start of the course, welcoming everybody and giving a quick overview. Webcam recordings can also be used to give general updates or feedback to a whole class group.

Screen Recordings can be used for multiple purposes. Some ideas are:

  • give a guided tour of your Blackboard course (where to find what)
  • give a demo of software that you are using in the course
  • give an overview of library resources and using the library catalogue
  • record voice over powerpoint or prezi to create a short, reusable, tutorial

Record a presentation, including voice, powerpoint and multiple cameras, in the comfort of your own office or while actually teaching. You can even use it to record visiting speakers.

Create a broadcast quality video in the CELT recording studio and upload it to Kaltura to share with students, colleagues, or more.


Play these short videos to see the various tools within Kaltura.

Recording a Presentation

A Screen Recording using the Pen Tools

Editing a Video with Kaltura (Trimming and Chopping)

Kaltura Showcase Video

Below is a showcase video which describes how Mary Barrett, J.E Cairnes School of Business & Economics used the Kaltura technology with her accountancy students.

Mary describes how her third year students used the Kaltura screen recording technology to record accountancy tasks in excel. The videos were then uploaded to You Tube and made available to leaving cert students. 

User Guides and Resources

See two user guides and resources below

Launching Kaltura for the first time

‌Download the Kaltura Starter Guide  or view below. This is a step by step guide on how to launch/get started with Kaltura Video in Blackboard at NUI Galway. 


Managing your videos and student video assignments

You can download the Kaltura Manage Videos and Manage Student Assignments or view below.  



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