Kaltura Video for Blackboard enables lecturers, students, and staff to easily record, upload, manage, publish, and deliver high-quality video content. It easily adds video to your Blackboard courses.

What is it?

Kaltura’s Video Building Block for Blackboard enables you to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video directly from your Blackboard course. 

Kaltura Video in Blackboard

Uses & Benefits

Using Kaltura video on Blackboard enables you to record or upload rich video content to share with your students. While YouTube is wonderful for hosting your videos, which can be easily embedded in Blackboard, users may wish to publish videos to an NUI Galway hosted platform. With Kaltura, you can share videos at a course level, or make them more widely available. It's up to you.‌

Some ways Kaltura is being used on campus are as follows: 

Presentation & Lecture: enables you to record live lectures. You can record a PowerPoint presentation from your computer, including voice, and a web camera, in the comfort of your own office or while actually teaching. You can even use it to record visiting speakers.

Webcam Recordings are a great way to introduce yourself to online or blended students. You could post a short introductory video at the start of the course, welcoming everybody and giving a quick overview. Webcam recordings can also be used to give general updates or feedback to a whole class group.

Screen Recordings can be used for multiple purposes. Some ideas are:

  • give a guided tour of your Blackboard course (where to find what)
  • give a demo of software that you are using in the course
  • give an overview of library resources and using the library catalogue
  • record voice over powerpoint or prezi to create a short, reusable, tutorial

Create a broadcast quality video in the CELT recording studio and upload it to Kaltura to share with students, colleagues, or more.

How to effectively engage students through video

A short interview with Mary Barrett, in NUI Galway about using Kaltura video in Blackboard to generate online videos. In this short interview, listen to Mary's account of how she developed short accountancy videos with students to increase learner engagement.
Find out more on the Students Union website and on http://www.nuigalway.ie/cairnes/leavingcert/

Using Kaltura to create a Flipped Classroom

This short interview with Dr Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott on the flipped classroom, uncovers how she negotiated moving to this approach for her students at NUI Galway, along with her use of Kaltura video in Blackboard to record the instructional videos.


User Guides

Downloadable Kaltura Guides and Policies

Learn More

In this AllAboard lesson you will explore the idea of the ‘flipped classroom’ and 'screencasting' and develop an appreciation of how it can help to promote more engaged learning in the classroom/lecture theatre, help students prepare for practical or laboratory sessions, and assist with conceptual understanding.

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