Lecture Capture

What is Echo360 Lecture Capture?

Echo360 lecture capture will allow you to simultaneously record the audio of your lecture, the content on the computer and video of the speaker at the podium. This capture can be scheduled to begin and end automatically or you can make an ad hoc recording while in the room. The captures are published and links to access these can be automatically uploaded to Blackboard, or sent via email. 

Lecture Capture Rooms

There are four capture appliances distributed across the campus. Echo360 recordings can be undertaken in any of the following locations:

  1. In the two lecture theaters within the Clinical Science Institute (small and large lecture theatre). Bookings for this venue go through the Medical School ( medfacultynuigalway.ie)
  2. In the Seminar Room 214 in the Orbsen Building 
  3. In the CELT Training room, AM207 in the Arts Millennium Building

Training for Echo360 Lecture Capture can be arranged by contacting echo360nuigalway.ie

Uses & Benefits

There are many benefits of lecture capture for learners and educators alike. Some of these inlucde:

  • Enhances student engagement
  • Can cater to a variety of learning styles
  • Provides a better platform for communication between staff and students
  • Build an archive of content for reuse
  • Create lessons that include a variety of multimedia
  • Create high quality recorded lectures with relative simplicity

Fueling Learning and Innovation with Echo360 Lecture Capture

How Echo 360 Works

The Echo360 system automatically captures and publishes lectures, providing an on-demand service for students. This system captures lectures in real time digitally, using video and /or audio.

Find out more on Echo360.com

Make a booking

1. Scheduled Captures

Lecturers can establish semester-long schedules based on date, time, classroom and speaker. At the end of the lecture, the recording is automatically remotely stored and a link to the recording is published in chronological order within the Blackboard course you specify, and an announcement made to students. Students simply need to go to Blackboard, and click on a link to view it.

Those involved in the pilot of this system can find the relevant booking forms below:

2. Ad Hoc Captures

For ad-hoc events, lecturers can start and stop captures through an easy-to-use web interface. This is suitable where the lecture or seminar might not have a specific start or end time, and the lecturer wishes to manually control when their recording begins and ends, or where you haven't scheduled the recording in advance with us. If you get in touch via echo360nuigalway.ie, we can show you how to undertake adhoc recordings in your lecture venue.

You will need to email us, each time, after you finish undertake an adhoc recording to let us know the following details:

  1. The speaker's name and email address - this is the address to which the links of the recording will be emailed.
  2. The preferred title of the recording
  3. The module code (if any) on Blackboard to which the recording should be published - if applicable.

See Operating Instructions for Clinical Sciences Large or Small Lecture theatre

Links to Echo360 Lecture Capture System

To access the Capture Appliances (to monitor a scheduled recording or schedule an adhoc recording):

Full System Administrator Guide

This resource will be of interest to system administrators, audiovisual services, and networking administrators: http://confluence.echo360.com/display/54/EchoSystem+5.4+Welcome+and+FAQs


All speakers will need to download and complete the Speaker Agreement Form:Echo360 Speaker Agreement (doc)

If you are making a booking on behalf of a colleague or guest speaker, we assume you have addressed the issue of consent, and are keeping a signed copy of the above speaker agreement form on file.

There is also useful information from JISC examining the legal implications of recording lectures at UK FE and HE institutions, focusing mainly on the issues of copyright and consent. It includes a flow chart of the legal issues and model consent form for institutions to use. See the JISC Legal website

What is the storage policy for Echo 360?

A video will remain online (within the Echo System Server, ESS) for two academic years. In August of the second academic year, the video will then be moved to the Archived tab within the ESS for one additional year. After the video has remained in the Archived Tab for one year it will be deleted.

If you would like to request an exception for a video to remain online longer, the request must be made before the video is deleted. The digital master (file used for editing purposes) will be deleted after 30 days after the video has been published.

If you have any questions, please email echo360@nuigalway.ie

Get help

If you need assistance with scheduling a capture, please email echo360@nuigalway.ie.

To report lecture theatre equipment issues email audiovisual@nuigalway.ie or ring ext. 2173