Presentation Skills

What are they?

There’s no doubt that given oral presentations in front of an audience can often be daunting. However, with careful planning and learning from the experience of others, you can make a good start.  It’s also important to be aware of the range of tools that can help make presentations more effective for the audience, and to avoid the many pitfalls such technologies can lead to for the unprepared!

In this All Aboard lesson, we’ll provide you with a general introduction to approaches to giving presentations and see some examples of good quality presenters, as well as learning from them.

Presentation Skills

A Closer Look at Prezi

One example of a presentation tool- Prezi

Prezi (Hungarian for a short form of presentation) was developed in 2008 in order to replace the ordinary slide based presentations that we are all familiar with, e.g. PowerPoint. Prezi is a web based tool that produces a zooming user interface enabling users to zoom in and out of their presentations.  It also allows the user to enrich their presentations with multimedia. 

Prezi allows for much more creativity and structure in your presentations.  You can zoom in to focus on small details and zoom out to focus on the biger picture.  Whereas other presentation software works by clicking from slide to slide in a linear format, each Prezi presentation is essentially a canvas on which to map your ideas in a manner best fit for learning.  


 Prezi is a presentation tool that offers a more linear and visually engaging presentation experience.  It allows the presenter to visually connect ideas and offers a multimodal learning experience.

Prezi has many uses and benefits:

  • Create, edit and sync from various devices
  • Engaging and cohesive presentations that cater to a variety of learning styles
  • Share presentations with a simple link
  • Simply upload your existing PowerPoint slides to create a new and stimulating presentation
  • Focus in to small details and out again to the bigger picture for emphasis  

Using Prezi in Education:

Using Prezi In Education


You can see a variety of exemplar presentations picked by Prezi's staff on the "Staff Picks" section of their website

Watch this sample presentation to explore how Prezi functions:

Get Started

This guide will help you register for a Prezi Education account: Registering for a Prezi Education Account

Walkthrough of NUI Galway Prezi

This video will guide you through the essentials of Prezi. Before you step through the video, you will first need to register an account with Prezi.


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