Qwickly Attendance

What is it?

The Qwickly Attendance course tool in Blackboard will allow instructors, course builders and teaching asssitants to take attendance in their modules,  Staff can take attendance manually, and there is an option for students to check in on their own devices using a browser.  The tool is integrated with the Blackboard Grade Centre where the instructor can monitor attendance.  Students can also monitor their own attendance within each module.  Qwickly Attendance can also notify students via email that they have been marked absent. 

Benefits and Best Practice

Qwickly Attendance will allow instructors to manage attendance within their Blackboard modules, and within the Blackboard Grade Centre.  While this tool will undoubtedly help staff, it will also allow students to monitor their own attendance for each module where it's used.  Monitoring attendance is crucial to ensuring student success.  Please visit our page on monitoring attendance for more information. 

Uses & Benefits: 

  • Attendance can be taken by instructor within a Blackboard module
  • Students can check in using their own devices within a delimited timeframe using a once-off pin code
  • An email can be sent to students when they are marked absent
  • Students can monitor their own attendance within each module
  • A record is kept within Qwickly of each session
  • Qwickly Attendance is fully compatiable with the Blackboard Grade Centre

Best Practice

  •  Develop standard operating procedures for your use of Qwickly Attendance in your school or discipline 
  • Make Qwickly Attendance available as a Tool Link in your module menu so that students can access their attendance record
  • Do allow students some time to log in to Blackboard and get used to using Qwickly Attendance
  • If using the email function, consider customising it to contain who to contact in the event of an absence and the attendance policy
  • Carefully consider your chosen settings and remeber that these can be changed at any time


Use at NUI Galway


Adrian Sylver |   Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Qwickly Attendance is easy to use live in class. Once you're used to it, it's actually faster than the old paper based method. It's also easy to use after class, especially for classes where it's not feasible to to take attendance live. Taking attendance visually on the screen in front of students is having an effect on attendance. It's also easy to update records (eg. if student arrives in late). It gives everyone (staff and student) an accurate real time picture of the attendance record. The instant emails when a student is absent is also having an impact on attendance. The Grade Centre Attendance column is automatically updated, which is proving useful.
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Denis Dennehy |   Postdoctoral Researcher at Lero

Qwickly Attendance is very user friendly for both students and teaching staff. With large class sizes and students from other disciplines attending the weekly lectures, Qwickly Attendance has significantly reduced my administrative workload as it enables me to instantly generate reports on (i) a individual student, (ii) students from a specific discipline, and (iii) the entire class. Being able to ‘excuse' a student even after a lecture has taken place is also a useful feature, as well as enable me to append a note detailing why a student was excused.
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Get Started

‌Adding the Qwickly Tool to Your Module:

‌1. In your chosen module, go to add Tool Link.  Name the Tool Link, make it available to users and choose Qwickly Attendance as Type. 


2. Now the Tool Link will appear in your menu, and you can place it in your chosen location by dragging and dropping it.  

3. Click the new Tool Link and you will be brought to an area where you will set up your attendance.


User Guides 

Getting Started with Qwickly Attendance

Qwickly Attendance for Staff - User Guide

Qwickly Attendance for Students - User Guide

Qwickly Attendance Support from Qwickly

For support, log a call with the Service Desk using the category  Blackboard > Require Advice (Staff) > Attendance.

Good Practice 

  • Give your students a chance to become familiar with the attendance process, especially if you are using the check-in functionality. 
  • If you choose to automatically email students upon an absence, consider changing the default email to something more constructive and helpful. You might want to inform students who to contact in case of absence or any difficulties they might be facing. You might also wish to include a link to support services: http://www.nuigalway.ie/student-services/

 Qwickly Attendance Updates and Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am teaching in semester one and many students have not registered for my module yet.  How can I use Qwickly Attendance?

It might prove useful to continue using a sign in sheet while you are waiting for students to register.  When the student finally registers for your module, you can amend the lectures they missed accordingly in Qwickly Attendance.  Taking attendance could provide an incentive for students to register.  

2. I would like to break down my larger module into small groups to take attendance, for instance small tutorial groups.    Can I do this in Qwickly Attendance?

Yes, you can.  If you create Blackboard groups within your module, then these groups will appear for use in Qwickly Attendance.  

3. Students cannot use the Blackboard app with Qwickly Attendance.  Is there a known issue?

Qwickly Attendance is not currently compatible with the Blackboard app for students.  Students can log in to Blackboard using a browser.  The new version of Blackboard is responsive and therefore easy to use on a mobile device as pictured below.  You might also wish to provide students with our step-by-step user guide.


New Features

  • If you are using Blackboard groups, then you  can also use these groups in Qwickly to take attendance.  
  • You can now modify student attendance for students that register late.