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The use of video to support teaching and learning has increased significantly in recent times with greater access to computer hardware and mobile devices such as smartphones. These offer wonderful opportunities for creativity, multimedia development and convenient communication in an increasingly networked world.

NUI Galway supports a number of video solutions. You can view and download a comprehensive matrix of these services below, and link directly to some key video technologies supported by CELT in the navigation menu.

Here's a quick jargon-buster:

Lecture Capture systems allow live recordings, and playback, of learning sessions.
NUI Galway's main lecture capture system is Echo360 which allows you to simultaneously record the audio of your lecture, the content on the computer and video of the speaker at the podium. This capture can be scheduled to begin and end automatically or you can make an ad hoc recording while in the room. The captures are published and links to access these can be automatically uploaded to Blackboard, or sent via email. 
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Screencasting provides a flexible solution to capturing instructional videos (such as MS PowerPoint with audio), on-screen walkthrough demonstrations and student-created video content.
NUI Galway's Kaltura video tool is provided through a Building Block in Blackboard. Once you have instructor access on a course in Blackboard you can upload, publish, create clips from existing video content, and share video directly from within your Blackboard course. Staff can manage video within a Blackboard course, with complete control over the storage and permissions for video files. Students can upload video assignments, where video content will be approved by instructors before being added to a course gallery.
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Video Conferencing solutions offers a live video connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication or interaction. Video Conferencing allows people to communicate visually from anywhere around the world and the term is often associated with hardware solution that requires accessing a dedicated video conferencing suite. NUI Galway has a comprehensive listing of available suites here

Web Conferencing solutions support live synchronous online learning, collaboration, and communication. 
NUI Galway's main web conferencing service is Blackboard Collaborate which is embedded into all modules on the Blackboard Learn platform. All sessions can be recorded and archived for review.
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Video Services at NUI Galway

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Download here Video Services @ NUI Galway.

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Content & Learning Objectives

In this lesson, we’ll explore some of the fundamentals of planning, filiming, and producing digital video materials. We’ll learn some useful techniques, as well as see how to avoid some of the commonest errors. We’ll also learn a little of the jargon and get a basic understanding of the different types of equipment available. You can access the lesson by clicking on the image below and if you successfully complete the activities and quiz, you can earn a digital badge.

Digital Video

This lesson is available as an open resource from the  All Aboard! Digital Skills in Higher Education project.  There are a wide variety of interactive lessons available to all users on digital skills where digital badges can be earned.  Learn more about the project here: 


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