NUI Galway is a university on a journey.

The past ten years have been a period of transformation and rapid growth. The most obvious change is to our campus, although our recent achievements go far beyond the construction of new buildings. We have made advances across the range of University activities. Our research outputs have increased in both quality and quantity. The quality of our teaching has also been enhanced – but, crucially, so too has access to that teaching. We have developed new ways to engage with business and society, through community partnerships and an intensified drive for internationalisation. These and many other activities have advanced our reputation around the world.

Ten Years of Advances

Our growth over the past decade has been remarkable. You can see this progress in a range of metrics.

  • Student Numbers: Over the past decade our student population has grown by 20% - from 14,400 students in 2003/04 to over 17,200 students in 2013/14.
  • World Rankings: Our international reputation is on the rise. Back in 2005, we were ranked between 401-450 in the QS/Times Higher Education World University Rankings. In 2014, this had jumped to 261st.
  • Capital Programme: Between 2004 and 2014, floor space in our campus grew by 50% - from 129,000m2 to 191,000m2.
  • Doctoral Graduates: The number of doctoral graduates produced each year has tripled over the past decade - from 68 in 2003/04 to 214 in 2013/2014.
  • Research Advances
    • Research Income: Our annual direct research income has grown steadily - from €30.5 million in 2003/04 to €52 million in 2013/14.
    • Indexed Publications: The annual number of indexed publications produced by our staff has seen massive growth - from 451 in 2004 to 1,420 in 2013.
    • Citations: The number of citations made of our research each year has risen too - from 4,300 in 2004 to a whopping 21,700 in 2013.
    • Inventions: The number of invention disclosures our researchers make each year has quadrupled - from 10 in 2005 to 40 in 2014.