1st Annual Youth Mental Health Conference:  Informing Policy, Changing Practice       September 10th 2020 

 1st Annual Youth Mental Health Conference

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Recent Events:

IAYMH 2019 | United for Global Change

The 5th International Conference on Youth Mental Health; United for Global Change was held in Brisbane, Australia on 26–28 October 2019.

YOULEAD  were  represented by Professor Gary Donohoe, Professor Barbara Dooley, Dr Caroline Heary, and Aileen O’Reilly along with two of our researchers Dr Emmet Power and Niall O’Dhonnagain.




YOUTH ONLINE SEMINAR We hosted our Youth Online seminar in RCSI on Thursday 26th of September 2019.    Exploring what healthy engagement with social media with Louise O'Hagan CyberSafeIE and Kiki Martire of Spunout.  



YOULEAD Self Harm Seminar - UCD 16th September 2019

Self harm seminar

YouLead Supervisors and Trainees, in association with the UCD School of Psychology, had the privilege of hosting a seminar run by Dr Sarah Hetrick (University of Auckland) and Dr Sarah Fortune (University of Dunedin), renowned international experts in the area of self-harm and suicide in young people. Drs Hetrick and Fortune presented an up to date overview of international findings, as well as their work at the forefront of the field in evaluating interventions that target self-harm and suicidal behaviours. Findings from intervention studies in online spaces were also discussed, and Drs Hetrick and Fortune led an open floor discussion where trainees had the opportunity to reflect on their own insights and ideas with internationally renowned youth suicide and self-harm experts. 

Discussions in Disability Seminar : Youth Mental Health Break the Stigma - August 30th 2019  UCD Centre for Disabilities and Youlead


YOULEAD  group

Professor Colin Scott

Professor Colin Scott - Welcome discussions


Stigma Group photo

Youth Mental Health Stigma Group


YOULEAD PPI Workshop - February 2019